Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A Lesson from a Stranger!

I have been so busy over the last several days that I haven't had time to do my Thanksgiving Day meal shopping. This is a stress point for me.

After I put Allison on the bus this morning, I headed out to start my list of about 38 things that I need to do today.

I had gotten most of it done at the first store I went to but needed a few more items. I headed over to Walmart and picked up the rest. I hate going to Walmart but that's a whole other post! Anyway, since the lines were already ridiculously long at 9:42 in the morning, I decided to do the self-checkout and hurry on my way.

I ran one more errand after that and then went home and started to unload my groceries. I noticed that I had forgotten my last two bags at Walmart. SERIOUSLY!!!!

Frustrated and angry at myself for being so stupid, I hurried back to Walmart to pick up my bags.

I scolded myself the whole way! "Cindi, you should pay attention to what you are doing and not think about the next items on your to do list." "Cindi, now you are behind schedule because you have to backtrack." Etcetera,etcetera, etcetera.

After I picked them up I went to the Redbox at the front of the store to grab Allison a movie for tonight. On my way to the Redbox, an older gentleman was sitting on the bench just inside the doors and was telling everyone coming and going "Good Morning, Happy Thanksgiving and God Bless." 

As I was standing there selecting a movie, I realized that "someone" far greater than myself had made me forget those last two bags requiring me to return to Walmart.

You see, that gentleman was not there when I was there earlier. I don't know if he was waiting on his wife or had nothing better to do than spread some good cheer. Whatever the reason, I am so glad I had to go back for those bags.

In those few minutes that I listened to him while I stood there trying to select a movie, I recognized that it's not about stressing to get my list done today. It's about being thankful for this wonderful life we've been given and sharing the happiness with others.

Thank you, God, for slowing me down and making me see what is important in this life you've given us. You definitely work in mysterious ways!

And to all of you out there . . . "Good Morning, Happy Thanksgiving and God Bless!"

Have Fun!

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