Tuesday, December 04, 2012


I shared back on November 1st that Allison found out the truth about Santa. You can click here to see that post. Since that time, I have tried to get her to go see Santa one last time. She rolls her eyes and pretty much tells me there is no point since she really knows who Santa is. I told her that those who don't believe get underwear for Christmas and she replies "Yay, from their Mother!" 

Oh well. I finally gave up and accepted that her Santa days are over!

Unless . . . Santa isn't really Santa!

What? I'm confusing myself!

Take a look at the picture below. Does Santa look the least bit familiar? 

If you guessed that it's my Curtis, then give yourself a prize!

It IS my Curtis!

He volunteers for an animal rescue that predominantly rescues & fosters cats and kittens. It's the same rescue where we adopted Porsche from.

He gets to play Santa at Petco for pet portraits. He did it this last Sunday and is doing it on the 16th as well. He asked me if I thought they asked him to do it because he is good with animals or because he is the only one sucker enough to do it. Hmm...not sure but it's for a good cause so does it really matter?

So, of course, I had to get a picture of Allison with "Santa" and I think it's the best picture of her with Santa that I have ever had!

Her comment was and is priceless . . . "The last picture I'll ever have taken with Santa and it's my DAD!"

Have Fun!

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