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A Super Duper Pinterest Idea!

If you don't know what Pinterest is, you may want to crawl out from under that you rock you are living under. Even if you aren't a user of Pinerest, most people have heard of it. 
I, personally, am addicted!

I have seen recently there has been some talk about how it make Moms feel inadequate. Some of them feel that because they aren't or can't do all the things other Mothers do that they see on Pinterest, they feel less than the best Mom for their children. 

I can say that the thought never crossed my mind!

My thoughts are that once you become a Mother, you belong to this sort of secret sisterhood with all of the other Mothers in the world. I believe all Mothers are there for each other and offer support, advice and understanding to each other to help us raise these little aliens creatures that we have been blessed with.

I say if some other Mother has figured something out that I haven't, then more power to her! And if she wants to put it out there to share and make my life easier so I don't have to waste time, energy and brain cells, than GOD BLESS HER!

Let's face it, there is no manual for Motherhood so I am more than happy to share my ideas and even more happier to use ideas of others to get through life!

It's like a Mommy Network, so I say go for it!


Okay, now lets move along the Super Duper Pinterest Idea!

In our house, we collect Hallmark Ornaments. Allison and I both have series that we add to every year . . . and then there's her birthday train (for ages 1 - 5 ). . . and then there's Baby's 1st Ornament . . . and then there's the Shrek ornament . . . and the Dora ornament . . .well I could go on but I think you get the idea!

The one thing I hate about Hallmark ornaments is putting them away when you take down the tree. It takes SO LONG to find the correct box, wrap the ornament up, put it in the box, close the box and put it in the bin. Taking them out isn't so bad because you are excited to put up the tree and see each one again and relive the memories. However, when Christmas is over, it just stinks to take all that time!
Does anyone feel my pain?

A couple of years ago, I took them all out of the boxes and put the empty boxes back into the storage tote. After Christmas, I wrapped them all in a piece of tissue paper and put them all in a smaller tote and labeled them. This seemed to work and it was much better than each individual box but it still took time to wrap each one up in a piece of tissue paper.

Well now, enter Pinterest and the answer to my after Christmas frustration!
Do you see where I'm going with this?
Ingenious, isn't it?
Here is the link to the wonderful Mom who posted this just so she could help make my life easier!
I want her to be my BFF!

Now for the how-to! All you need is cardboard, plastic cups and hot glue. Oh, and the storage bins of course. Hubby brought the cardboard home from work (thanks, honey) and I bought the cups at The Dollar Tree. I originally bought the 9oz. cups which is what you see in the picture above. Once I took all the ornaments off of the tree . . . okay, once Allison took all the ornaments off of the tree, I realized that not all the ornaments were going to fit in the 9 oz. cups. No biggie! I decided that I would do the bottom layer with the 9 oz. cups and the top layer with bigger cups. I ended up running to The Dollar Tree and picking up 16 oz. cups. I don't know if it is because it was Christmas but they had 2 different shapes of 16 oz. cups. One was taller and skinnier and the other one was shorter and wider. I opted for the short wide ones and they worked out perfectly as you can see in the picture below. I was also able to hot glue 4 of the smaller cups for some extra spaces on the top layer.
Here is the side view and as you can see there is room on the top layer for the ornament to extend over the top of the cups. 
One other thing that I did was to tape the outside edges of the cardboard (top layer only) with clear packing tape. I figured it will get more wear since it will be handled to gain access to the bottom layer of ornaments.

After putting the boxes together it literally took minutes to take the ornament off the tree and put them in the cups which equals one happy Mommy!

Have Fun!

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Benita said...

LOVE this idea! I have some ornament storage boxes that have cardboard dividers/inserts, but they are always coming apart whenever I have to take a layer out of the box! I'm definitely doing year, though as I've already put them all away.


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