Friday, January 04, 2013

One Line A Day!

I mentioned yesterday that I was trying a couple of new things this year. I already shared one with you. It was the photo a day project I started on the first of January.

Today I'm sharing with you another thing I started on the first day of the year.

It is a One Line A Day journal which is a 5 year memory book.
I know I've only done 3 days but I LOVE it!
The concept is to write just a line about your day each day. It is so much easier and less intimidating than a full journal. I love to journal but haven't done so for such a long time. I like to journal at night but I am always too tired to take the time. This One Line A Day journal fits perfectly into my lifestyle. I can totally take the time to write a line or two with ease in the designated space!

Below is a view of the inside of the journal. As you can see, each page is divided up into 5 sections for 5 years. I love that I can look back and see what I did or thought on the same day in previous years. Also, there is plenty of space to write about the highlight of your day.
If you are interested in starting one yourself, I ordered mine from Amazon and right now they are only $10.00! Click here to take you there. They also have a Mom's One Line A Day book if you would like to write about your little ones.

Have Fun!

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