Thursday, July 14, 2005

Can get it out of my mind!

Even though I still have a few things to do in Allison's bedroom, it's almost done. I need to hang a couple of things on the walls, clean out the closet and finish painting the dressers. However, I will not be able to paint the dressers until a couple of weekends from now because it has been storming daily. Other than making the bed, I haven't stepped foot in there today. I have been busy looking for the carpeting that I want. I would like something very close to this but I can't find what I want. The room has hardwood floors so I don't want to cover it completely but I want an 8 x 10 piece that is bound on the edges to put down mainly where she will be playing. I want something soft on her little knees. I can find an 8 x 10 bound piece of carpeting in practically any other color at carpet stores but not anything close to this. These sizes run about $90 but if I pick the carpet and have them bind it for me, It will be a little over $200! The salesman at Prizant's was so nice and he suggested that if I can wait a couple of weeks to do so. They will be getting in a big shipment for the students that go back to college. He said it is very rare that they get anything close to the color that I want but they did ask for more colors this time so just maybe it'll happen for me. Keep your fingers crossed! If not, I'll have to go with a neutral beige. But it will have to be a whiter beige than a tanner beige. Because there is so much white in the room, I'm afraid a tanner beige will look dirty. It'll be so hard to settle for something else than what I have pictured in my mind!

I'm so bad because I shouldn't be blogging right now. I am supposed to be cleaning! I can't wait until everything is detailed and I can enjoy myself. I hate it when I have housework hanging over my head! I've been really swamped for a while and I need to get control back over the things in my life. I'm tired of being stressed and not enjoying life. I asked my Mom one day how she did it all when we were little. I mean the woman had and has a spotless house! I don't know where she gets her energy. She said "Honey, I didn't have to work outside the home." She made me feel so not like a failure by her statement. God Bless her! On another note, Curtis took a vacation day tomorrow and he is going to clean the basement! God Bless him too! Allison's birthday is on Saturday and her party is on Sunday so I would like to have everything done by Saturday morning so we can enjoy the weekend with her. I do have to be honest though, as tired as I am and as much as my back hurts, it DOES feel good to declutter this house! I need to live a simpler life!

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