Saturday, July 09, 2005

When Life hands you Lemons...

Thursday, I worked all day until about 9:00 at night. It was the last day before going on vacation and I always have extra to do. I'm a list person so I have to leave a list for my back up while I am gone. I try to cover all the daily tasks, instructions for anything else I foresee happening plus I also give her an addition project while she is covering for me. Anyway, I called my Mom on my way home to tell her something (Allison was there all day and was staying until Saturday so I could paint her bedroom) and my Mom was very sick. I told her I would pick up some clothes at home and come and spend the night and take Allison home with me on Friday. Of course, my Mom didn't want me to do that because she knew this was my only opportunity to paint without my little one present. She is so tough and strong but I am not going to take advantage of my own Mother. So off I went to Mom's.

Since, Friday was my first official day of vacation and I couldn't do the painting that I had on my list, I decided to turn my day into something fun with Allison. So off we went to Rogers Open Air Market. My Dad (in his retirement) hangs out there every Friday with friends of his, Bill and Ruth, that own and operate "The Popcorn Stand." They sell popcorn, big soft pretzels, cotton candy, canned sodas, bottled water, home brewed iced tea, lemonade, coffee and miscellaneous hardware and tools. It's nice because they are in the corner of the main building so they are not out in the hot sun. It's quite a busy little place and it seems to be the senior citizens hang This was Allison's first visit there as I personally don't think it's a place for babies or toddlers. It's hot, sunny, dusty and crowded. It just breaks my heart that some parents feel the need to bring their tiny infants to Rogers. Anyway, Ruth gave Allison cotton candy which she has never had. Well, as you can imagine, she LOVED it! After half the bag was gone and she was twirling and running around, I wouldn't let her have anymore. Usually, she accepts that but this child was chanting "more Mommy more" over and over again. It was kind of scary how quickly she became addicted to it and was begging for her next fix! We only walked around Rogers for a couple of hours and only got about a third of the way through. Allison was getting tired and my plan wasn't to really shop. I need to go back by myself to do that. I love looking for antique and vintage treasures. Rogers is really a whole day adventure but my goal was to surprise my Dad and get a couple of their $5.00 t-shirts with something on the front of them. I love wearing these for just hanging around the house during the summer. Allison got a kickball that looks like a porcupine and the Pennsylvania Beanie Baby bear. I also got her a brand new pink pop-up hamper for her room for a $1.00. Oh, and I can't forget the homemade cookies we bought from the Amish while we were there. We got chocolate chip, monster (chocolate chip and m & m's) and snickerdoodles...YUM! After our shopping and visiting with my Dad, we were hungry but as much as I would have loved homemade french fries and a steak or sausage sandwich from the vendors (we call it "fair food"), I thought it best not to eat there. It's just too hard getting the food from the carts, hanging on to Allison while finding a place to sit down. So I promised her that we would stop at Jerry's Curb Service on the way home. It's a place from my youth and it's so nostalgic for me to go there. I've even got Curtis loving it and he wasn't raised in Beaver County! Allison loves it because they serve the kid's meals in a cardboard antique car. Yesterday it was a turquoise T-bird. And she also loves it because I let her sit up front in the car...she thinks she is so cool when she does this!

Well, I better run. With the change of plans for Friday, I now have to yesterday's list added onto today's. So I better get busy!

Have Fun!
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