Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Pink is for Girls!

Whew! How do they complete those rooms so quickly on all of those home improvement shows? I started Saturday afternoon redoing Allison's bedroom. It tugged at my heart strings when I took the angel wallpaper border down that we had in her nursery. My little baby isn't a baby anymore...sniff, sniff. Anyway, I now see why they sometimes paint over the wallpaper on Trading Spaces! What a pain but thank you Curtis for your help in taking it down! Since we started so late in the day, we pretty much just cleaned the room out and prepped the walls and ceiling. On Sunday, Curtis painted the ceiling while I ran interference with the little one that "just wanted to help." After he was done, he took the little princess to his parent's for several hours so I could get busy. But before she left, she said to us..."I appreciate you painting my room pink." The colors for the room I chose are "celebration" pink (the light color of the rose in the wallpaper border) on top and "cherry pink" (the dark color of the rose in the wallpaper border) on the bottom. They are brighter than the normal pastel pink that you usually see in little girl rooms but I wanted darker and warmer. Also, this room gets a lot of sunlight and a light color is blinding during the day. I wasn't finished painting when they came home but Curtis dove in and started helping me. He is such a good guy! I also gave Allison a dixie cup with paint and a foam brush and let her go at the walls. She was so cute and proud. After bathing and putting her to bed, we painting until 1 am. In the morning, I started to put the room together but decided that the new headboard that I have for her bed wasn't what I wanted. We had been using a hand-me-down bookcase bed from my Mom and if painted white, I thought it would work better. So, off I go to paint more until 1 am again! Boy, I am tired!

Today, I am going to wash all the bedding and curtains and dress the room as best as I can. I need to hang the wallpaper border but I have to wait until Curtis comes home from work tonight to help me. I also need to catch up on all the housework that I haven't done for the last couple of days. A woman's work is never done!

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~Sandy~ said...

I LOVE the border....can't wait to see pictures of the finished room.
You are such a superhero! I wish I had you strength and energy!!!!


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