Thursday, May 10, 2007

My Ba Ba's Platter and My Wednesday's Jackpot!

If you have read my blog before, you know we call my Mom, Ba Ba, which is Grandma in Polish. Actually it's Baba but we spell it Ba Ba because that is how my Mom's Mom spelled it. My Ba Ba, who was the only Grandparent I ever knew, passed away when I was in 7th grade. In the past year while we were cleaning out her house where two of my Aunts still lived, we came across the platter that you see in the picture below. I remembered instantly that it was my Ba Ba's. I remember her serving on it. My Mom said I could have it if I wanted and I jumped at the opportunity. I am the sentimental one in the family and just holding this platter knowing it was my Ba Ba's makes my heart sing. I've had it hidden away in the dishwasher for the past year. By the way, the dishwasher isn't working. It's a long boring story so I'm going there. Anyway, I stopped at Joann's today after dropping Allison off at school and while I was there, I saw the plate hangers. I knew immediately that I needed one for the platter. I hung it above my china closet and I love it's prominent place in my eat-in kitchen. Isn't it ironic that it's green and pink and my whole kitchen is shades of green, pink and purple? It was meant to be!

Speaking of my kitchen and shades of green, pink and purple, let's get to Wednesday's jackpot! I ran errands all day on Wednesday and was just about to go home but I thought maybe I would stop at Goodwill first. I had milk in the car so I knew I could only go in for a few minutes so I thought what the heck. Well I hit the JACKPOT! First, I found 3 blue and 3 white Tupperware Freezer Mates with lids. I like making a big batch of pasta sauce and freezing it for later. I had been using these plastic containers that we get when we order Chinese food but they are round and fall over frequently. They weren't working for me. I had wanted the freezer mates but when I did a Tupperware party in January, they weren't carrying them at that time. I also got 4 of the Tupperware "Round 2" Modular Mates with 2 lids. I use mostly Modular Mates in my cupboards so I picked these up. I'll use the two without lids for Allison's markers and such. Next I picked up a couple of coffee mugs with roosters on them. Too cute and we can always use cheap coffee mugs around here. The next item is the white compote/goblet thing in the picture. I have two big ones that are similiar. One I use for pens and pencils on the computer cart and the other one is on my scrapbooking table with scrapbooking goodies in it. This smaller one will accompany the big one on my scrapbooking table to hold more goodies. I'm sure you can't miss the smiley face cup in the picture. I picked this up for a gift and it will soon be on it's way out of my kitchen...although I can't help smiling every time I see it! And lastly as I was just about to leave the Goodwill, I looked down at the bottom shelf and saw a box with newspapers and dishes in it. My heart skipped a beat! It was my Pfaltzgraff dishes that have been retired for years! I have a set of 8 and have always wanted 4 more to make it a set of 12. Here was my chance! I started unwrapping the treasures one by one and found 4 dinner plates, 4 salad/dessert plates and 4 saucers. There were no cups and no bowls. At first I was a little disappointed but then I thought about it and I probably would never even use 12 coffee cups and I probably wouldn't be using bowls either if I would be serving 12 people. I am glad the saucers were there though. They don't have a deep grove for the coffee cup so they work nicely for bread and butter plates. Also in the box was the divided relish tray/dish. They price the box all as one so maybe this was a bonus? Who knows but I don't have a relish tray/dish so this was a nice surprise in the bottom of the box.

So, do you have a guess on how much my quick stop at Goodwill cost me? Take a guess and then look below!

$10.53! Woooo Hoooo!!! I couldn't believe it! The dinner plates alone are $9.95 if you are able to get them on Pfaltzgraff's website. They carry some items from time to time. The Pfaltzgraff dishes and the relish tray/dish were all $5.99...for the WHOLE box! I had to blink to make sure I saw that correctly! It was a HAPPY DAY for me! In fact, I'm still HAPPY about it!

Have Fun!

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Jolene George said...

wow! you found some great things....and I love that you got it all for such a bargain...very impressive. I'd be pretty happy too.


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