Wednesday, May 23, 2007

So Sweet!

When I picked Allison up from the bus today, she got off holding a paper vase. It was made from a piece of 8 1/2 X 11 copy paper that had been printed with a picture on it and then it was colored. It was folded into a flat 2 sided vase. It held these flowers but they were not standing up. They were completely wilted. She was so excited to hand them to me and I thought how sweet! She said that she picked them at recess and that her teacher helped her make the vase. I asked her if all the kids picked flowers today and she said "No, just me." She said she was allowed to pick flowers and bring them into the classroom as long as they weren't the ones the teacher was allergic to. When walked into the house she told me that I had to put them into water. Even though they were wilted and dead looking, I did as she said. We then went to the playground and when we came home, these beautiful flowers welcomed us! Amazing! I would have thrown them out behind her back because they were all wilted but she was right in front of me telling me to put them in water. If I did that I would have missed their beauty! Thank you sweet Allison for making Mommy see God's wonderful work!

One more thing I would like to share that was sweet about Allison today. We were outside and my neighbor and I were talking. Allison was playing in the yard. My neighbor asked Allison if she liked Kindergarten and she said yes. I asked her what her favorite part of school was and she said Chapel. So sweet!

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