Thursday, May 31, 2007

A Hello from a Bad Blogger!

I've been a bad blogger over this past week. At first I didn't have anything to say (can you imagine that?) and then I got too busy to sit and write. I don't have much time now either but I have some ramblings to share.

1. I worked on Memorial Day. It was my usual long Monday but I came home to this on my window sill. I do love that little girl. I love Curtis too for picking them for her to give to me. I am sure he tried talking her out of it because they are the thorniest roses I have ever seen! I was admiring them at his Mom's the day before and had to just sniff with my nose because I didn't want to get pricked.

2. Allison's birthday is in the middle of July so she misses having a birthday during the school year. However, her teacher suggested that we celebrate it anytime during the school year. So I made cupcakes and yesterday I took the cupcakes, a cooler full of juice boxes, party plates and napkins and was at the school for snack time at 10:30. I had a blast with those kids! They are so funny! There were 3 different colored gum drops on the top of the cupcakes and Ian or Joshua (not sure which) HAS to have the color green! I'm not kidding...the whole class told me so! The teacher told me that he had a meltdown one day when they had to color a box on their math paper red. He threw a fit and cried and cried because he couldn't color it green. Poor kid! Poor Parents! Poor teacher! Too funny! And I thought Allison was obsessive about pink!

3. Speaking of Allison's birthday, I rented a pavillion at the local park. We were looking at them the other day when we were at the park. I mentioned it to a friend at work and the next day she asked me if I had rented it yet. I hadn't. She encouraged me to do it soon because I may not get one. THANK goodness I listened to her! I went yesterday and looked at them all. I stopped by the office and they are almost all booked up for the Summer! They only had 2 left on the day that I wanted. One doesn't have electric or water...NO thank you! The other one was tied with another one for my first choice! Yippee! I scooped it right up! How happy was I? How happy is Curtis that he doesn't have to clean the basement? We are a happy family!!! So for my family and friends who read my blog, the date is Sunday, July 15th. I'll be sending "save the date" notices out soon! Any ideas what this year's theme is going to be??? Pin It

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