Saturday, June 02, 2007


Yes! I am officially on vacation! Yippee!!! Isn't the view breathtaking? I agree! It's the view from the porch at an Inn in Washington State. Am I there? I wish! I tease that I am going to "porchview" on my vacation but my view from my porch doesn't look anything like this. Well you can see pine trees and sky from my porch but you don't get the same peaceful feeling as I am sure you would get if you were sitting in the chair in the picture. I can dream!
Anyway, I have lots to do over the next nine days. People at work were asking me why I didn't seem excited to be on vacation. Hmm, maybe because there is so much happening in the next nine days that I'll need to go back to work to get rest! In all honesty, I am excited to be on vacation. It's my first since the end of August last year. I am hoping to get a ton done this week. I have another vacation in July and then another in August. I can relax then.
In addition to work this week, there are a lot of activities. I'll be sharing them on my blog so stay tuned. Some hints of things to come, you ask? Sure, why not! My hints are an earned reward, a white cap, fun for all, a new look and paint is a wonderful thing!
Have Fun!
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