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Fun for All, A White Cap, Last Day of School, A Teacher's Thank You Gift, Marigolds, Cupcakes, Sleeping Babies & A Rooster Ride!

Whew! As you should be able to tell by the title, I have lots to report! You might want to take a potty break and get something to drink! I'll try to be minimal with my words (hahahaha) and focus on the pictures but you should know me by now...I'm a talker...or writer in this case.

Ugh! I have tried to upload these pictures 3 times and they still seem blurry! It must be blogger because it's the only place the pictures are blurry. I'm going to post them anyway and as always, you can click on them to enlarge and hopefully they will be clearer for you.

I'll start with "Fun for All" portion of my post. Tuesday was the school picnic at Allison's school. I was asked if I could help and of course, I couldn't say no. The day started with setting up our stations. Next the students did their traditional 1 mile race around the property to start the festivities. Below is Allison with her class. She is the one that's waving. We then served the students pizza, potato chips, watermelon, cookies and drinks. Maybe the thought process was to wear them out with the run and then fill their bellies and they would be calmer for the stations. Ha! That didn't work. I was in charge of the craft table. They made bead necklaces. I had the kindergarteners first. What a joy! They are too cute! All I have to say is that thank goodness I had two 8th grade helpers. I couldn't have handled all 21 of them by myself!

As if the school picnic wasn't enough on Tuesay, Kindergarten graduation was Tuesday night too! Here is Allison before the actual ceremony. Her smile is what I get when I ask her to smile for a picture these days. No teeth!
This is of Allison in her white cap receiving her diploma and crossing the bridge to 1st grade! Yes, the picture is VERY blurry and didn't come out at all! I am bumbed about it but I am praying my sister's comes out better. If it doesn't, I'll still be putting this in her scrapbook.

Wednesday was the last day of school. It was only 1 hour and 45 minutes. Allison commented that all they did was go to school, had chapel and then back to their room to leave to go home. "That's it" she said. I took this picture to see how far she has come from the last day of school. Click here to see her first day of school picture to see how much she has changed. I picked her up after school and we went shopping for a little until it was Daddy's lunch break. We picked him up and celebrated the end of the school year with lunch at The Runway. Yummy! It's the restaurant at the Butler County Airport. We saw 6 airplanes, 1 helicopter, 3 birds and 4 bugs! It was a "child's paradise" as Allison put it!

Allison's teacher has been wonderful and we wanted to make sure that we recognized her. I put together a thank you gift for Allison to give to her on the last day of school. It was a sort of flower "basket" with the basket part of it being a flower pot. The contents included a pair of gardening gloves, one of those round pop-open sun hats that matched the gloves, a pack of "Sweet Pea" seeds (because we think she's such a sweet pea), a pack of "Forget-Me-Not" seeds (because we are sure she won't forget Allison) and a gift certificate to Brenckle's Nursery. The tag consisted of a flower that I made out of cardstock and I put Allison's picture in the middle of the flower. I wrote on it.."Thank you for helping me grow."

Check out Allison's marigolds that she grew from seeds! Aren't they beautiful? I've been so bad and haven't done any flowers outside yet this year so these have been the only ones that I have to look at. Hmm, maybe a trip to Brenckle's Nursery would be a good thing to do today with Allison. She seems to have the green thumb!

Want a cupcake? Go ahead and take a bite but be careful, you might break your tooth on one. They are fake! They are cool, aren't they? I purchased them from a lady named Kim and she makes all sorts of fake goodies. You can check out her blog here. Since my cupboard space is limited in my kitchen, I keep my covered cake plate out on my baker's rack. I hate that it is empty. It just looks like there should be some sweet goodies in it. Yes, I could bake regularly and keep it full at all times but this is just so much easier and more figure friendly!

Every morning when I get up, I check on Allison. However, yesterday I found this! Curtis had put the kitty in her box at the bottom of Allison's bed the night before. Apparantly Princess didn't like the box. She crawled up to be with my baby. By the way, don't you just love Allison's lovely bed hair? She looks like a wild child when she wakes up!

Have you ever seen a cat ride a rooster? Well now you have! Princess seems to like my rattan rooster! UGH!!! The fun of a kitten! And YES, that is foil on top of the pot of my tree behind her. She likes to crawl up there and I'm afraid she'll dig in the moss and use it for a litter box! So far she hasn't touched it but the rooster is another story!

Have Fun!

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