Wednesday, June 20, 2007

A Plethora of Pictures!

I finally got my pictures off of my new digital and onto my computer! Yippee!!! Here are the pictures of Kennywood that I promised.
(As always, click on any of the pictures to see them larger.)
Allison with my niece, Mya, and my nephew, Derek, at the beginning of the day. Mya is 4 days younger than Allison and Derek is 23 months.
The elephant ride!
On the whip around ride thingy...or whatever it is called. Mya is 2 behind Allison and Derek is in the blue one.
My sister, Alesia, and my baby brother, Albert. Doesn't he look like my Dad?
Derek is such a sweet boy!
I don't know what this pose was all about but I am glad that I caught it!
The girls on the Lil' Phantom roller coaster in kiddyland.
Allison riding the Log Jammer...her first water ride. She told Aunt Alesia to hold her tight! LOL!The girl behind my sister is Allie. She is my brother's girlfriend's neice. The girl in the back is my brother's girlfriend's daughter, Abby.
I got pleasure of riding the Raging Rapids. We got DRENCHED! I wanted to take a picture of us when we got off but Allison had to go potty really bad so we didn't get a chance for a picture. You really can't see Allison on here because I was holding on to her so tight. I was afraid that she was going to get thrown overboard! Abby, Allie and Donna (my brother's girlfriend) rode with us.
We are not quite dry in this picture yet but I like this picture of the two of us anyway. It's in the section called Lost Kennywood. You can see the top of the swing ride in the background. It looks like an old time ride.
I love these next three pictures of Allison. She is just enjoying the water while watching the Pittsburgh Plunge ride.

The cousins late afternoon. Mya and Derek have fresh dry clothes after the water rides but my little one didn't want to change. Look at her soaked sandals!
Allison can't go to Kennywood and not enjoy a bag of cotton candy!

The S.S. Kenny is a new ride in kiddyland. It was hard to get a picture because it moved so much but you kind of can see Allison. She has the orange shirt.

Just a quick photo with the statue of Kenny the Kangaroo!
I am so good the three kids could ride this by themselves. Last year I got off of it and was sick to my stomach!
I'm not sure what this look is all about. I know it's blurry but I had to share it! They were on the turtle ride.
Hmmm, which one do I want?
Allison doesn't get to drink soda. Once in a while she can have root beer if we go to dinner but for the most part it's no soda. Well I bought the souvenir cup of Pepsi and refills all day were only a dollar. I gave her the cup and she took a sip. She looked up at me and smiled and said "That's Pepsi, Momma!" I told her I knew and that she could have it. She was so excited! I made sure she knew this was a special treat only for that day! I don't need that little one to be all caffeined up! We left the park 3 hours later than we normally do and she talked all the way back to my sister's house. Last year she fell asleep before we were out of the parking lot! NO more Pepsi for her!
I think the high dive show kept their attention, don't you?
This is what they were watching. It was a pirate high dive show so Allison was right at home...since she loves pirates!
A close up of the girl on the top in the above picture.
Allison realized at the end that we had not gone on the adult merry-go-round. She said she was sad because we forgot to do it. So her and Aunt Alesia took one last ride before we left the park.
Have Fun!
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Sandy said...

Allison looks so cute and grown up with her hair pulled up and such a young lady in her pictures with her hair long, cannot believe how she has changed this year. She is a beautiful young lady. Looks like everyone had a good time at the park.

Sandy said...

WOW I think my comment got sent forgot to tell you Princess is soooooo-cute and you and Allison look great in the van. Keep blogging love the pictures.


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