Sunday, June 10, 2007

A Scrapbook Project, Flowers, Flowers, and More Flowers!

While Allison is out of school for the Summer, my Mom watches her for us. Since my parents live an hour from us in another county, Allison spends the night 2 times a week. I drop her off Monday morning and pick her up Tuesday night. I also drop her off Thursday morning and pick her up Friday night. My job is flexible therefore I make Monday and Thursday my long days. The only part of this whole thing that stinks is that my 2 hour a day drive to work now ends up being 3 hours. I did the drive from the time she was 10 weeks old until 5 years of age so these next few months should be tolerable. Anyway, Allison's kitty, Princess, will not be going with her to my parents. I'm sure Allison is going to try to talk us into it but I don't think it's a good idea. So instead, I thought I would make her a scrapbook to take with her. I haven't bought any scrapbook supplies this all! I know pretty amazing, isn't it? I was only in my local scrapbooking store once this year and that was for the bulletin boards at work. I just figured that if I wasn't actively scrapbooking then I had no reason to buy new supplies. Right? Right! OH but the new supplies I've missed in the last 6 months! I could have spend all day in the scrapbook store! I was just drooling at all the beautiful patterned paper, flowers, embellishments and ribbons! I better get scrapbooking so I can use up some of my stash and buy some of the new items that I like! The scrapbooking industry moves so fast that it is impossible to keep up with all of the trends. I buy and use what I like. I am not one that has to have the latest in scrapbooking supplies or all of it for that matter. I've never been one to believe that the one with the most toys wins. Wins what? A lot of debt? No thank you! ...Oops, I got off track! I picked out the most adorable supplies for the scrapbook. I originally thought I was going to do a 6 x 6 album but then when I got home and printed off some pictures, I changed it to an 8 x 8. Because of my change in album size, I'll be needing some more cardstock so I'll have to go back....pitty, isn't it? Do you think I'll just walk out with only cardstock? We'll see!

Allison and I ended up going to Brenckle's Nursery on Friday to get some flowers for my pots. I decided I am not doing as many as I did last year. Just a few pots for the front of my house and I might do the one big one on the back deck, but I am not sure just yet. I always get geraniums. I'm not sure why. Maybe because my Mom always did? She always does red but I think she did some pink this year. I am sure it's because pink is Allison's favorite color!
I, myself, gravitate to the "Hot Pink" geraniums. I just love their vivid and bright color. I put a single one in my chicken planter because it doesn't look good if I overcrowd it. In my other planters, the more the merrier! I love the mismatch wild look. I think it's more rustic and doesn't look as planned. I put my big container on an old weathered ice cream shop chair in my front bed. I am hoping that the coleus and vinca will fill in and trail down. Can you see Allison's marigolds towards the back? She was excited to see them planted in with the other flowers.

I don't like things uniform so I like different planters. This one is probably my favorite. It's plastic but looks like an old bucket. I filled it with a geranium, the rest of the petunias and a couple of the small coleus plants. I can't wait for them to grow!
This next picture is of my gazing globe. I always liked them but never could decide on one. They are all just so beautiful! This one was my Aunt Carole's. It's perfect. I love the way it looks in my front garden. You can read about their history here. Also in the picture, you can see Allison's gorgeous roses. So far we have 10 flowers this year. It was supposed to be a yellow rose bush but this what it grew into. The bush is very tall and adds to my casual front flowerbed.

Allison came home from Grandma's yesterday with more flowers for me. Daisies! Aren't they beautiful? There is just something so wonderful about a child picking wild daisies for their Mom. It's so sweet!
Have Fun!
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