Thursday, May 03, 2007

A Table Makeover and Patriotic Fun Stuff!

I've had this table for forever. I bought it at a flea market back in 1986 when I was moving to Virginia. I got it for $5! Gotta love a bargain! It was originally streaked this olive green color. Not great but it stayed that way for a while. Then I sponged painted it the color you see below to go into my kitchen in the early 90's. It worked great with my Southwest decor. It stayed this way until I decided that Curtis needed a table beside his recliner in the living room for his coffee cup. This would be perfect but the color and technique is outdated but it stayed this way until I was inspired. Finally it hit me! Black! I am so pleased with how it turned out! The only problem is that Curtis is afraid to use it now because he'll scratch it! I'm also not sure on what to put on it. I don't like that you see the outlet and cords but I can't move the outlet. I'm thinking a basket of artificial greenery. What do you think? Any ideas?

Home Interiors just came out with some seasonal patriotic stuff for May. I ordered the Lady Liberty Tin Lantern and the petite jar candle for myself. The lantern is adorable and stands 13 1/2 inces tall! She looks so cute in my living room and was only $14.99! The candle is baked apple pie, vanilla creme and blueberry scent and smells delicious! I'm definately going to get myself more of those before they sell out. Wouldn't the hostess of the 4th of July party I'm attending just love to receive one of those wrapped in a cellophane gift bag and tied with red, white and blue ribbons? I'm not sure if I can say this here but if you would like to have either of these items or anything else from their line, I can help you out. Just email me and I can have them shipped to anywhere you live.

Have Fun!

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~Sandy said...

WOW That table looks awesome! I would put greenery on the bottom to hide the outlet....tell Curtis to use a coaster! ;)

Jolene George said...

I've got a table I've been wanting to re finish. I love how yours turned out. Love the patriotic stuff too! :o)


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