Thursday, August 02, 2007

Coupons! Coupons! I Love Coupons!

Yes, I LOVE coupons! Who doesn't? Right? Well lots of people apparently. Did you know that of the $300 billion worth of paper coupons that are distributed every year, only 2.8% of coupons are actually redeemed? Isn't that sad? Seriously! They ARE money! If they saw a dollar bill laying on the ground, would they pick it up? Yes! I am SURE they would! In all honesty, coupons can be time consuming. It does take time to cut them out and organize them. At least that is the part that I hate about them. Yes, I said hate! I know it's a strong word but time is precious. Thankfully, I've worked my coupon time in while I watch a little t.v. in the kitchen. It is usually while watching some decorating or cooking show. It takes my mind off of the boring (Allison's new favorite word) task. Now organizing is a whole other story! I have used the same coupon organizer for years. You know the kind. It's one of those accordion type wallet things. The only problem with those types is that you have to sort through the stack in each section to find the one that you want. This takes extra time! Again...time is precious. Well about 6 months or so ago I received my email from Get Organized I am on their mailing list. Great site! Check it out! Anyway, Maria (founder of Get Organized Now!), shared about a coupon organizer she found. She raved about it. She said it saved her time and money so I had to check it out! She was right! It is awesome! I was on the fence about ordering it because it is a little pricey but finally after months and months, I splurged. I am so GLAD I did! The first time I used it, I saved 52% on my grocery bill and yesterday I saved 45%! Of course it's not all because of the coupon organizer. But it did make it so much easier to match the coupons with grocery ad. Okay! Okay! I know you are anxious to see what all this talk is about. Aren't you? Okay then, can you just humor me? ;)

and here is the inside! Pretty, isn't it?

It will tell you on the website that it comes with one coupon insert page per section. What you see in the above picture is 2 inserts per section. I purchased more so each section will have 4 sides to put coupons. 2 inserts with 2 sides equals 4 sides. Right? Does that make sense? I hope so. Sometimes I confuse myself so I know I could confuse those of you out there too! Oh, I have some good news too! They are on sale at $5.00 off right now! AND...putting "getorganizednow" in the coupon code will get you another $2.00 off! Woooo Hoooo! Who doesn't like a bargain?
I probably should put a disclaimer on here that I have no affiliation to Mrs. A (if there is a one) or the company. I just LOVE my new organizer and had to share! If any of you get one, please let me know. It would make me happy to know if I help you organize your life a little!
Have Fun!
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Kim said...

Your timing on this post is perfect. With the kids home, I got off my "routine". I sat down and cut and sorted all my coupons that have piled up (and threw the ones away that expired). I have them in a little spiral coupon book that is just not working for me. Now that Elizabeth is a Senior and I have all her dues to pay, I really need to tighten the budget and what better way than at the grocery store. I am definately going to look into that organizer. Thanks for sharing.

~Sandy in SC said...

I took the plunge! I ordered the coupon organizer!! I figured it would help with the whole new budget thing I am going to start! ;)

Jolene George said...

That is a great coupon organizer. I want to get my daughter in law hooked on coupons since their grocery budget is very limited now that they are living on their own.


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