Tuesday, August 28, 2007

School Supplies & 1st Day of School!

Yes, I'm still around! I just took a couple of weeks of an unplanned blog vacation. Hopefully I'm back now with my several posts a week. I've missed it!

A couple of weeks ago after Allison's physical, we went school supply shopping. We ended up going to three stores because we couldn't find everything in one and also to price shop. They were all in the same plaza so it wasn't too bad. I didn't realize that we had gotten mostly pink or variations of pink until I put everything together for this picture. The red notebook is the color the teacher requested or it would have been pink too! We found this really cool thick plastic folder in hot pink of course for her papers. She wanted to decorate it with Princess stickers. Is that cover a scrapbooker's nightmare or what? Can you say STICKER SNEEZE! Ugh! I tried to guide her in another direction but it's her folder and she is so proud of it. Missing from the picture is her scissors. They are hot pink too!

This is her lunch box. She picked it out. I'm not too thrilled with it. I don't like how it opens. She LOVES it so I chose not to fight that battle.

This the first day of 1st grade which was yesterday. Since school was only 3 hours long on the first day, I thought I could get away with putting her in a skirt. I was wrong. As soon as she got off the bus she said they went out on the playground. She said she was embarrassed because she thought people could see her undies on the swing. I guess that was the last day she'll be wearing a skirt! Speaking of her skirt. It is such a pretty color pink but looks faded out in the picture. Actually my daughter looks faded out too! Must have been the morning sun!

One last pose before she's off to school. She's really excited about the bus because her friend Anna is on her route this year. Luckily we have the same bus driver. Garry keeps a good eye out for my little one. He reminds me of my Dad. He barks a little but has a heart of gold!

After I put Allison on the bus, I drove to the school for the first day. They always kick off the school year with chapel and the parents are invited. Immediately following chapel, they bring the whole school out for a picture. Allison is in the second row from the bottom and the fourth one in from the right. Her teacher this year is in the pink on the right. She is the Principal's wife and they celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary yesterday too!

This picture is from this morning, the second day. We took this picture for Aunt Alesia. I wouldn't have bought her blue. I tend to buy mostly pink with some purple thrown in. It's just what I gravitate towards. I did buy one yellow and one green shirt this year! It was a big step for me! Anyway, doesn't she look so grown up? I know this is her second year of school but I miss her! I know she drives my crazy sometimes but it is too quiet in this house without her! Does it ever get any easier to send your baby off to school?

Have Fun!

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Sandy said...

Good to see your blogg, Allison looks soooo cute and yes grown up. Love the blue on her. Steph got pictures of her host family, think of your baby going out of the Country. Not a good thought.

Sandy said...

Good to see your blogg, Allison looks sooooo cute and yes grown up. Love the blue on her. Steph got e-mail and picture of her host family in Oxford, just think of your baby going out of the Country, kind of scarey.

Kim said...

Isn't "the kids going back to school" the best? Call me crazy, but I love school supply shopping. It's fun. I try and take each kid individually so they can choose their own goodies. Allison is growing up so fast and she is such a cutie. My "baby" just applied to her first college and is driving, dating, etc. Time sure flies..........


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