Friday, February 06, 2009

The First Step!

I mentioned at the beginning of the year that when I look ahead to 2009, I see change in my life. One of the big changes I want to make is to our home. I love to decorate and it's been a while since I've done that. Sure. I've made changes here and there as Allison grew up but now I need more. My plan is to change every room in our home. I need to.

You see I'm a nester by nature. I need to build a nest for my family. When you look up "nest" in the dictionary, this is the description for me: "A place affording snug refuge or lodging; a home." Sure. Okay. Our place is a refuge from the world but it certainly doesn't make me feel snug. It used to but not anymore. When I walk in, I feel stress. Of course this is not what you want when you walk in to your home. You want it to hug you tightly as if to say...Welcome home. I've missed you and I'll keep you warm and loved in your little corner of this big world." Right now my house says.."Run for your life and don't look back!" It never use to talk to me like that but it's gotten a bit sassy! I think it wants a makeover too! So the bottom line is that every room in this house will be changed by the end of 2009!

I've got some plans and ideas but I need to wait on those just a little. I know what my first step is and it's not pretty. Nope. It's not. At all!

I need to declutter and downsize the stuff in this house!

Aack! That scares me just saying it!

You see when we moved in here over eight years ago, we thought we had all the space in the world.

And then....we added a child!

Why do they come with so much stuff???? Do they seriously need THAT many stuffed animals? Or that many pony tail holders? I could go on and on but you parents out there know what I'm talking about.

I have to be honest here though. It's not all her fault.
Curtis is to blame too!
I was in the basement the other day and noticed there are 3 sets of headers for this race car that he is building. I don't know much about race cars but I think they only need 1 set! Oh...and how about all the car magazines he saves? We have enough to wallpaper the entire house!

Alright! Alright! It's not all their faults either!

I'll take some of the blame here but it's really not my fault.

I'll admit right here on my blog because I know you all are my friends.

I'm sick.

I have the "I can't get rid of it because we might need it someday" syndrome.

There's no cure but they say it can be treated so I'm hopeful.

I have to take baby steps and it's one day at a time.

One thing that does make me feel better is that show on the TLC network called Clean Sweep. Have you seen that show? WOW! I realize when I watch it that I am no where as sick as those poor people are! I feel bad for them. They must be really desperate to cure their sickness if they call a television show to come film their mess for the whole country to see!

So as you can see that with my syndrome coupled with the fact that I'm sentimental, I have my work cut out for me!

I'm hoping that I can get through every cupboard, drawer, closet, cubby and the basement by the end of March so I can start my redecorating in April.

If you have any organizing ideas that work for you or any organizing sites that you love, please send me and email and let me know. I need all the help I can get!

Also, be sure and stop back. I'll share my messes along with my solutions with all of you. I need you all to keep me motivated!

Have Fun!
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Kim said...

Cindi-I totally understand where you are coming from. I have Peter Walsh's book and I highly recommend it. He's brilliant!

I'm like you. I totally feel stressed when I walk into my house. We lost 2 floors moving into this house (basement & upstairs). I would give anything to have either one of those. We are busting out at the seams here. Good luck on your decluttering.

Controlling My Chaos said...

Oh, me too. I desperately need to declutter. It's mentally exhausting though. Good luck with that. :)

Rue said...

Hi Cindi :)

I completely understand. I am the biggest sentimental fool and save everything LOL I have no advice except to put everything you're going though into different piles of keep, save and throw out. I hope that helps :)



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