Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Moms Dabble in Acid!

Yes. We did it. Last night was our monthly "Mom's Craft Night Out" and us Moms experimented with acid!
I know you are thinking that last month they "tied one on" and this month they are doing acid?
No. We didn't DO acid, we DABBLED it...on this month's project!
We etched our names on our Pyrex casserole dishes with glass etching cream.
It's not an original craft. It's an idea I picked up around blogland. Don't you just love blogland? The blogs that I stalk...I mean read are so informative and have such great ideas!
Anyway. Here's one of my dishes. I ordered the vinyl stencils from Erin at Vinyl Masterpiece. We were able to pick different fonts and do-dads at either end for our stencils. I was partial to the flowers but the others were cute too!
A couple of sister-in-laws applying the vinyl.

Busy at work!

After applying the glass etching cream, we let them sit for 30 minutes while we snacked on the yummy food buffet that Susan D. (this month's snack hostess) set up for us. Hey Susan...can I please have the taco dip recipe???
After they sat for 30 minutes we washed off the etching cream and voila....personalized casserole dishes. By the way, if you are interested in doing these, save yourself the headache and buy yourself new Pyrex. The older ones do NOT etch. They were made with a different compound. Trust me on this...I tried and NOTHING happened!
Here is another one of the dishes...aren't the paw prints cute?

It was hard to get a pick of this but can you see the apples. They are just so yummy!

This month's Moms with our projects...even though you can't see the etching. Left to right are Cindy B., Nettie, Susan C., Me, Susan D and Diane.
I can't tell you how many blessings that have come out of this "Mom's Craft Night Out." Moms are so busy trying to juggle so many things that we all need a little girlfriend time. It's been wonderful to rekindle old lifelong friendships and also foster some new ones with some exceptional women.

Friendships, Crafts, Food and Pepsi...outside our families, it doesn't get any better than that!

Have Fun!

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Controlling My Chaos said...

What a fun, fun, fun and useful project.

Tonya said...

They turned out GREAT! I will have to try this one of these days!

And yes it doesn't get any better than PEPSI...(-:

I just noticed today that we both have daughters named Allison...but I spell my daughters name with a y.

Can't wait to see your next craft night project!

SandyD in SC said...

MAN! I wanna come to your Girl's Night Out parties!! I LOVE your crafts!

Vinyl Masterpiece said...

Your parties look so much fun! I am excited to see your easter craft. I love the picture frame for your mom. I have done something like that to my daughters name for the wall.


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