Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Moms have been Framed!

We had Mom's Craft Night Out a couple of Friday's ago and I never got the chance to post any pictures. Actually, I didn't take many at all. I sort of got caught up in the friends, craft and fun that I forgot to take them. Then of course at the end my batteries died in my camera! Thankfully Susan had her daughter's camera with her and helped me out with some of the finished frames. Thanks Susan! There were many great ones but we remembered the pictures after most everyone was gone.

Anyway. We decorated wooden picture frames like the one I made for my Mom's birthday in February. You can click here to see a list of supplies and the instructions.

The one above is the one that I made. I made it to put in Allison's room to hold one of my favorite pictures of her last birthday. The picture came out funny when I took this pic but it's one of Allison enjoying her birthday cake. I LOVE the look on her face. It says to me that she's enjoying her birthday and I did a good job! By the way...Aren't the daffodils beautiful? She surprised me with them when she came back from visiting Grandma and Pa Pa. She's so thoughtful!

Here are a small sampling of the gorgeous frames the Moms made. Be sure to click on the pics for a closer look!
Some more:

This one didn't come out so great in the picture but it's adorable. Susan D. made it for her teen aged daughter, Lauren.

Susan C. made this one for her daughter who is a Junior in College for her dorm room. It's her school colors.

A couple of graduation ones in gold and silver.

This one that Susan C. made is very classy. We are still looking for the right embellishment for the bottom right hand corner.

This picture came out blurry but I had to include it. I think it's one of my top favorites. Susan C. made this one and it's just gorgeous! The little metal plaque says "forever" ...get it "stars & stripes forever?"
Next month we are making Family Name Boards so be sure to check back to see how they turned out. I promise to take more pictures!
Have Fun!

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Darlene said...

Those frames are ADORABLE! What fun to get together with your friends and craft!

Jenny said...

Those are so cute. It's fun to see how different they all are.

Controlling My Chaos said...

I love the frames. What a great gift.

Stephanie said...

I'm so glad I got to be there for once! You're the best :) Love and miss you!

Jenny said...

Cindi, I just tagged you for a fun game at my blog. Check it out, if you are interested:

Princess Mommy said...

Oh man, I didn't realize that Jenny already tagged you - I am not editing my blog so it is there too :)

Great frames, I love to stop by and see what you and the gals are making!


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