Sunday, February 07, 2010

The Great Snow of 2010!

We had the 4th biggest snowfall in Pittsburgh history yesterday. Outside our home, there are about 24 inches of the beautiful white stuff. The picture above is of Allison playing on the over 8 feet mound of snow that the snow plow plowed to the end of our lot. Our townhouse is the last one in by the woods and due to this mound of snow, we've lost our 3 parking spaces that are directly in front of our home.

These next 8 pictures were taken at 5 a.m. while the snow was still coming down.
This pic is out of our front door. As you can see, I couldn't even open the door. Thank goodness we have a service that shovels our walks!

Look at the snow on the fence post and lamp pole!
As you can see, it's was still coming down very heavily. It actually snowed for 24 hours solid.
My poor arborvitae was split in 3 by the weight of the snow. It was very wet heavy snow.
This was just on the front porch. There is a 6 inch step down too but I couldn't reach to put the yardstick there to measure.
Where did my walkway go???
Can you tell how excited she was to get out in the white playland?
Hi Mom!

This wasn't even the highest point.

Anyone want to go sliding??
Yes, we dug all of these cars out! Everyone pitches in so it didn't take all of us long to dig 7 cars out.
Anyone for a game of basketball?
The wind started to blow after I took this picture and all the snow on these trees created another mini blizzard.
This is my van. The part that really stunk was once you cleaned the vehicle off, you then had to shovel the snow out around your vehicle. It was well over the tires.

Allison's bedroom window.

So beautiful!

Have Fun!
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Darlene said...

Your pictures are beautiful but I can't EVEN imagine getting that much snow. We thought we had "deep" snow with 6 1/2 I guess it is all what you are used to. I know many areas got hammered with all of the snow. Have fun playing in it!♥

Esther said...

I am originally from Pittsburgh and have been living in New Orleans since graduate school in '69.

At least this wasn't a hurricane!

Thanks for the memories!


Judi said...

Oh burrrr it looks way too cold out there. You have all the cold snow that we don't have to put up with for some reason this year.
Your pictures are beautiful and it does look so beautiful especially when you can sit indoors, snuggly warm and look...unless you're all dressed up and warm to enjoy a nice walk...or ski...
have a lovely day
come by and visit some time..

Anonymous said...

Cin, these are great, great pics of Allison. I love the one of her standing on the 8 foot of snow!!



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