Friday, February 26, 2010

Paying Bills Doesn't Have To Be So Bad!

About five years ago, Donna Downey (scrapbooker/artist extraordinaire), put out a couple of books in her scrapbook "Yes, It's A Scrapbook Series." In her step-by-step book "decorative journals," she showed how to decorate checkbook covers using scrapbook supplies. I thought it was the cutest idea! I promptly ordered some clear checkbook covers from Kelco Industries who by the way are out of them right now.

I made one for my checkbook and one for Allison's savings and loved them! I carry my checkbook with me and that one finally had seen its better days so I thought it was time to make some more.

Thankfully I had a few left in my stash (because you all know that us scrapbookers keep a stash of stuff) and decided to make some more. They are so much fun!

You can click on the pics below to get a better look but I should warn you that I think my camera is dying a slow death and the pics just aren't sharp anymore. :( Unfortunately, I'll have to make due for a while since a new camera is definitely NOT in the least not this year!

Obviously, Allison's savings is on the left and one of my checkbooks is on the right. I just love the bright green and pinks together. I think it's my favorite!

I made the one on the left for my BFF, Susan. She loves green like I do but she is more of an earthy/nature green. While I was searching for supplies to make hers, I realized I don't have a lot of earthy or neutral colors in my stash. I'm more of a "GIVE ME COLOR" sort of gal! The one on the right is my checkbook for my other checking account. I'm not wild about the colors but I needed it to be really different from my other one to avoid confusion.

In all honesty, I've been in a kind of a funk lately and it really did me good to make these. It got my creative juices flowing and lifted my spirits. I know some people cringe at the thought of doing something crafty but it's really good for my soul. It charges me up and relaxes me all at the same time. I'm hoping this will be the beginning to getting some projects done.
Lord knows, I have tons of them on my list!

Have Fun!
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~SandyDinNC said...

Those are really cool!! They would make great Christmas gifts!!!


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