Saturday, February 20, 2010

Today I Need To...

1. Make 45 thank you cards to deliver with Girl Scout cookies this week.
2. Pack things up to take to my Mom's tomorrow for her surprise 75th Birthday Party.
3. Make Calico Baked Beans for the party.
4. Make deviled eggs for the party.
5. Finish making her birthday gift.
6. Supervise Allison while she paints my Mom's gift from her.
7. Do laundry...why is this on every one of my to do lists???
8. Clean the bathroom.
9. Change Allison's bed sheets.
10. Start my big declutter/organizing project for February since this is my last week to do it!
11. Plan next week's menu.
12. Plan some blog entries for next week...both for here and on my cooking blog.
13. Go through some magazines, pull out what I want to keep and pitch the rest.
14. Go to bed at a decent hour and not fall asleep in front of the television like I have for the last 5-6 days.
15. Thank God for my Blessings!

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