Friday, July 06, 2007

"Saddle Up Your Horses!"

Allison completed a wild ride during her first week ever of Vacation Bible School at our church last week! She had a blast! She wasn't too thrilled the first couple of days but after Wednesday she was sad that it was ending in two days. Our church did an amazing job for the kids. I was VERY impressed! I will be sure to drop a note in the mail to our Priest and the Director of Education to tell them so.

My sister asked me if she was going to VBS at the church where she attends school (which is Lutheran). I told her no and that is was at our church. Her reply was "Wow, a Catholic church that has VBS?" I would have to agree with her. We went to VBS when we were kids but not at our church. We went with our neighbor and friends at their churches. I don't mean any disrespect here but the Roman Catholic Church that we went to didn't do VBS. In fact, I don't remember any of the ones where I grew up doing them. This is what I LOVE about our church. They have tons to do for the kids.

Here are some pics of the week. As always, you can click on any of them to enlarge.

Allison is standing in front a huge "barn" scene that they had in our activity center. Can I just tell you this thing must have been 30 feet high?!? They really outdid themselves with the decorations! They were awesome!

This was her VBS teacher. She was also her teacher in C.C.D for her Kindergarten class. She is going to miss her next year!

These next couple of pictures are of Allison on the last day of VBS. The first one is blurry...sorry! She, finally, was comfortable singing and dancing with the others. It was a lot to learn for the little ones. They had this big screen that had the words going across it...sort of like a karaoke screen but the words moved too fast for a new reader. They had the CD of all of the music for sale on the last day and we have been singing them EVERY time we are in the van! Did I say EVERY? Ya, I just wanted to make sure you go that!

Have Fun!

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