Wednesday, July 04, 2007

The 4th's Festivities!

Stopping by with a quick post to share some of tonight's pics. Since I was 8 1/2 months pregnant with Allison, we have been going to watch the fireworks that the Butler County Fair puts off. We go to a road behind the fairgrounds and park along the country road and sit in a farmer's field. He is awfully nice to let the hundreds of people do this. Anyway, these are some of my favorites.

Yes, this is the same shirt Allison wore last year! I went to look for a new shirt and realized that I would be buying the same size so I just pulled this out from the clothes from last Summer that I thought she would have grown out of by now! I think I should have looked in the mirror before we went to go to the fireworks. Nice hair and make-up, huh?

It think this is my new favorite of my two favorite people. As much as I profess that she looks like me, she looks a lot like her Daddy too!

The beginning of the show. The lights at the bottom of the pic are the fairground lights.

This one really lit everything up. You can sort of see where we sit for the show.

I was trying to get a little artistic shot here but the fireworks were'nt cooperating!


The finale!

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Sandy said...

Wow Great pictures Cindi, our little peanut has not grown much, need to find out what size she is wearing or will be wearing for school!!!!!!!! Love your blog.


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