Saturday, July 07, 2007

Thank the Cat for this Great Finds Post!

Today is Saturday. Curtis doesn't work today. We have no place to be this morning. Finally a day to sleep in! Unless, of course, you have a kitten that wants to get up at 6:15 AM! Good gracious! Doesn't she know that I NEVER sleep in? Doesn't she know that I've been so tired on a daily basis anymore that I am trying to get more sleep? Doesn't she know that I could have gotten 3 more hours if she would have let me sleep until 8 AM? Doesn't she know that poking my face with her paw would wake me up? Doesn't she know that her "human mother" was in the next room and she should be bothering her? Doesn't she know that she shouldn't bite the hand that feeds her? UGH! I gave up at 6:25 and got up! I guess I got an extra hour or so of sleep. So now what? Laundry? Cleaning? A blog post? YES!

Last week when Allison went to Vacation Bible School, Curtis took her the first two days and I was responsible for the last three. Hmm, what to do after I dropped her off? Well, first I went to Sheetz and got an Iced Hazelnut Latte from their new Espresso Bar. Yummy! Then I set out for the thrift stores to see what treasures I could find. Neither of the two Salvation Army stores or the St. Vincent de Paul thrift store had anything that I couldn't live without. However, Goodwill provided me with a few great items I loved. It was my duty to give them a new home! Yup, that's my story and I'm sticking to it! Here are a couple of the items. The frame is a Burnes of Boston picture frame and the second one is a Rosina teacup and saucer with violets on them. Each item cost me $0.99 a piece! I know! I had to bring them home! They also will go great in the Cottage Style decor that I am favoring these days. I would love to eventually change the decor in my whole house to the Cottage Style. Anyway, I also picked up a discontinued Home Interior rose picture for $2.99!
I'm not sure where I am going to put it just yet but it's so pretty and in perfect condition. I also picked up some hand towels for Curtis to use as rags. I cut them in half and got 8 nice thick rags for $2.00. I had a great day! On Thursday, I stuck with Goodwill only and found a wooden bread box. Aside from a little wear around the handle and on top where they put stuff, it's in great condition. No smells at all on the inside or anything. I've been wanting one since my cupboard space is limited and the bread has been getting smashed. I found one that I liked and it was $50! To store bread in? No thank you! This one was $4.99! Yippee!! I am going to paint or refinish it so I'll share it with all of you when I do that. Oops! All of this thrift talk is making me want to hit all the yard sales today! Hmmm, Curtis is home. Allison is sleeping. I could duck out and leave a note and no one would know the difference! Gotta run!

Have Fun!

"I believe that thrift is essential to well-ordered living. "
~John D. Rockefeller
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