Thursday, May 15, 2008

A First Grade Field Trip!

Wow! Two posts in one day! I know! I know! Unbelievable, huh?

A week ago today, I volunteered to go on Allison's field trip. We went to Youngstown, Ohio to see "A Year with Frog and Toad." It coincided with their school studies. We went to the Youngstown Playhouse and all I can say is that I'm sure it is not what it once was. As Allison's teacher commented, it certainly looked better on the website than it did in real life. I guess a picture isn't always worth a thousand words. Lesson learned. The play itself was cute. I guess. We had a couple of first grade boy critiques behind us. They weren't too impressed.

Anyway, I enjoyed most of my day. There was a last minute cancellation from one of the chaperons so Allison's teacher picked an alternate. Fortunately for me, it was Allison's best friend's Mom. We've talked a couple of times on the phone, met in person before and did the Valentine's Day party together. This gave us the opportunity to visit on the bus for the over an hour trip back and forth to the playhouse. I like her...a lot! I'm not getting too excited here but I think I may have my first Mom friend here in this town! I am so pathetic! I miss having friends close by to do things with. I've always had friends that live close to me. When I moved here I didn't know a soul. And I pretty much still don't. It's really hard to meet friends if you work an hour away from where you live and don't have much time for anything else. I know my neighbors but unfortunately I think the youngest is pushing 70. There isn't anything wrong with that either, it's just nice to have friends with the same interests to chat with or do things with...and ones who don't live an hour away! Okay, let's get back to the field trip! The picture below is of Miss Allison and her best friend Miss Lena. They are just about the same size and are so adorable together! I pulled the camera out and asked them to pose. They immediately hugged each other! So sweet! On a side note: I had emailed my sister the picture over the weekend while she was talking to Allison on the phone. Apparently she asked Allison if that was her friend. Allison's response was "I wouldn't be hugging a stranger, would I?" Oh! Out of the mouth of babes!

"A best friend is a sister that destiny forgot to give you."
- Unknown

Have Fun!

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Susan said...

I agree with your "quote" at the bottom 110%!!!!!!!

Love you!!


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