Saturday, June 07, 2008

1st Grade is Left in the Dust!

That's right! Allison has left 1st Grade in the dust! I am now the Mother of a second grader. Please tell me how this has happened????? How do I stop time...or at least make it slow down? The other day we were in the bathroom fixing her hair. I told her that she's growing up so fast. I told her that before we know, we'll be fixing her hair for her high school prom and she'll be wearing a pretty princess dress. She responded by "Cool!" My thought was "Yikes!"

This is the last day of school pic. As you can see by the sun in her eyes, I forgot to take it in the morning. Bad Mom! I took it at Noon when I picked her up at school. I'll have to remember not to do that again!
Wow! What a difference 9 months make! This was her first day of 1st Grade!

I struggled with this year's end of year teacher's gift. I started with one idea. However I couldn't find what I wanted for it. So I moved on to another idea but I really wasn't thrilled about it. When I was shopping for it, something I saw inspired me for another idea. Actually it jogged my memory. I remember reading somewhere about an ice cream basket. Since her teacher has 2 children (a son in the same grade as Allison's & a daughter who is three), I thought this might be a better fit. I'm so glad my first two ideas were scrapped because she loved the gift basket! I highly recommend it if you need an idea for a gift. We received lots of compliments from the other teachers in the hallway on our way to her classroom.

Here it is if you are interested. It included a box of Joy waffle bowls, Smucker's microwavable Hot Fudge, Hershey's Caramel Topping, Hershey's Double Chocolate Topping, a jar of maraschino cherries, a jar of 4 different ice cream sprinkles and a gift card to the local Bruster's ice cream so she can pick up the ice cream.
This is the front of the card I made on the computer.
This is the inside with Allison's last name blocked out for obvious safety reasons.
Here is the wonderful Mrs. Miller with Allison. She is an amazing teacher. We will be forever grateful to her for what she has done for us. When we transferred Allison to this school from the one she attended for the first 6 weeks of first grade, she hated school and didn't have any faith or trust in teachers. Now my daughter LOVES school and recognizes that not all teachers are bad. I believe this would not have happened without Mrs. Miller. She put so much time and energy into making school a positive place for Allison. She didn't give up on her like the previous first grade teacher at the other school did. The other teacher didn't want to be bothered. The other teacher wanted Allison to get with the program. The other teacher wanted us to "fix" things. Mrs. Miller took control of the situation and Allison responded to her. They say a child can sense things and Allison certainly did. She knew Mrs. Miller really cared about her. She knew the other teacher didn't. The other teacher was worried about Allison making her (the teacher's) year bad (her words, not mine). I know that some of Mrs. Miller's year would have been easier without Allison in her class. It was a rough couple of months in the beginning but Mrs. Miller and Allison worked hard to turn it around. Mrs. Miller accepted Allison for the unique child that she is and celebrated her individuality. Mrs. Miller was definitely our gift from heaven!
Mrs. Miller also had little gifts for her class. Too cute!
Here is a close up of the tag. If you click on it, you'll get a better look.
After I picked Allison up from school, we went and picked Curtis up from work. We started the tradition last year of taking Allison to The Runway for lunch on the last day of school. It's the restaurant at the county airport. We sit and watch the planes take off and land. Can someone please tell me why all the pictures of Allison and Daddy come out beautifully? When Allison and I pose, one of us is not smiling, smiling too much, not looking at the camera or SOMETHING! It drives me nuts! I want a good picture of the both of us!
One last thing before I go. It doesn't have anything to do with school or 1st grade but I wanted to share anyway. When we came home, this was in our front yard. He's our friendly bunny. Allison and I call him morning bunny because he's usually out there when we leave the house in the morning. Isn't he just adorable. I wish I got a picture of him hopping away. The underneath of his cute little tail is white!

"Moving on, is a simple thing, what it leaves behind is hard."

Dave Mustaine

Have Fun!

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Susan said...

Wow, what a difference 9 months makes!! I'm sure you never thought this year would end up so good. All your hard work, research, and praying paid off!!!!


sandy said...

What a difference in Allison,s pics, she is soooo cute and her hair is so long and beautiful, I remember when she had such a little bit of hair. The basket looks very nice, I think you could go in the business of making baskets for people. The pic of Allison and her dad ia very good.


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