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I'm sure you all have heard about Build-A-Bear Workshops, right? If not, click on the link to go to their website. Well my daughter could care less about stuffed bears. Yes, she has some but she doesn't play with them. She never has. They just aren't her thing. So thank goodness they have other friends at the Build-A-Bear place! She had received a gift card from Uncle Brian, Aunt Susan and Stephanie for her birthday a couple of years ago. We have yet to be there. I know! I know! I'm a bad Mom! We had all planned to go to enjoy the experience together but it never worked out. We live an hour apart and the closest Build-A-Bear is an hour away. Susan had actually planned to meet us there on Monday but that didn't work out again. She told us to go ahead and go but I gave Allison the option of going like we had planned or waiting a little longer when Aunt Susan could make it. Her reply to my question was "I could do it now." Poor thing! I think she was tired of waiting! Sorry you couldn't make it Aunt Susan but here's the play by play!

Here she is picking out the pink leopard. She had always planned on getting a kitty but the first thing she saw when we walked in was a Triceratops dinosaur. She thought it was "cool." I cringed on the thought of walking out of there with a dinosaur in clothes!
Thankfully she went with her original plan!
In the box with the gift card was some stuffing and a little satin heart to put in your friend when you make it. Here she is making a wish on the heart for her leopard. By the way, Allison has not grown a gut! It looks in the picture as if she has a little tummy. I only wish this child would gain some weight! Unfortunately it's just the ribbon bow of her belt.
Now the heart goes in the skin of the leopard. She also picked a sound so if you squeeze her right front paw, she meows three times. Thank goodness I talked her out of the "roaaarrrr" sound. I might have lost my mind with that one!
Now she is stepping on the pedal at the filling station to bring her friend to life!
She's almost done!
The hand off!
Now it's time for the air bath at the fluffing station. She really got into this and is finishing up her back in the picture.
Now comes the really fun part! Which clothes do we like? Hmm. They are all so cute!
What you see in this pic is just a FEW of the items we picked out for our new friend!
Mom had a hard time putting the reins on. In fact, Mom suggested a few more items that Allison hadn't picked out.
I couldn't resist! Everything was so cute!
Next it was time to pick out a name. I asked the lady what time they closed because I anticipated this taking forever! Usually Allison has to contemplate all of her options before she decides on something. Not this time. When I turned around from putting the items on the counter, she was already typing in the name. She picked "Samantha." I don't know where it came from but I like it!
Here she is at the end of our visit. The box in the left of the picture is the condo for Samantha. The box in the right of the picture is Samantha's suitcase Yes! We picked out enough outfits and accessories that we needed a suitcase! On a side note, look at the pose Allison gave me! She looks like a little model!
When went home to pick Daddy up and went out to dinner. Here is Allison and Samantha on the way home. Yes, Samantha is wearing a tiara! It was the first thing Allison picked out.
That is a playdough ice cream cone from Hershey's Ice Cream Store that Allison is eating. It's bright yellow vanilla ice cream with hot pink and blue sugar cookie gems in it.
“The shortest distance between new friends is a smile.”
Have Fun!

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