Thursday, July 17, 2008

A Party Fit for an Allosaurus!

As I mentioned a couple of days ago, we had an awesome birthday party for Allison. It was so nice just to be celebrating it with my family and my best friend's family. I also refer to them as my second family. Usually I am running around making sure everything is taken care of that I don't enjoy myself. This year was different. I actually enjoyed myself. As I said previously, it was THE perfect party! If you are a long time reader of my blog, you already know that Miss Allison picks the theme for her birthday. We receive the Celebrate Express catalog in the mail months before her birthday. She takes it and turns it page by page studying every theme very carefully. She knows that once she pics the theme, it's done and there's no going back. This year was probably her easiest year yet. She saw the dinosaurs and it was over. This was it! Now that you know the theme, here is the day in pictures:
There were dinosaur decorations!

A dinosaur cupcake cake! Well, an Allosaurus to be exact!

Doesn't he look scary?

There were dinosaur tattoos! Us ladies decided we would put them on our feet so we could all be cool like Stephanie! She's the one with the cross on her foot! She got it while visiting Ireland when she was in England last Fall for the first half of her sophomore year of college!

The guys even put them on!
There were lots of good people there!

This is Maria with Allison. She's my best friend's sister's daughter...or our (mine & Susan's (best friend) God daughter). Whew! Did you get that?

My sister, my Dad and my Mom!

Grandma Sandy (best friend's Mom) and Susan (best friend)!

There were more great people but I didn't get pics! :(

There were lots of fun presents that fit all aspects of Miss Allison's personality!
There were 3 Webkinz kitties...
and a Webkinz carrier/home thingy...
and Webkinz clothes! Yes, I said clothes! Gosh forbid they be naked and us parents keep money in our wallets!
There was a scrapbook kit!
There were clothes! In fact, three of the tops were blue. Do you think people have noticed that I don't usually buy her blue clothes??? It's not that I don't like blue. I just like pink more!
There was also a brain game!
And a bug hunt game!
Now it's time to show you some of what we got Allison. I always try to coordinate it with the theme. Sometimes that is not possible. This year I had a blast finding dinosaur stuff! WOW! That's a sentence I never thought I would say when I dreamt of having a girl! Go figure!

As you know, Allison loves dinosaurs so we decided to adopt a bone from one of the dinosaurs on display at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania for her. It's a really cool thing they have called Adopt-A-Bone Program and you can read more about it when you click on the link. Upon the completion of your choice of bone from what dinosaur, you receive a certificate and you also will have your name displayed permanently on a plaque in the exhibit hall. Very cool! We picked the Allosaurus since she thinks or fantasizes about being named after it.
Here she is with her certificate. Sorry for the glare on the glass!

Her presents from us also included a book about the Allosaurus...
and documentaries of Dinosaurs. This one is "Walking with Dinosaurs" and the other one is "Walking with Allosaurus" which is the story of one they found in Wyoming that they named "Big Al"....he he he...which is also what we call my Dad! Too funny!
She also was thrilled with her educational dinosaur sticker book ...
as well as her Dinosaur Park where she can grow real plants and decorate them with lava rock and little dinosaurs.
She read every card....
and then appeared tired by the last card! LOL!
Then we posed for the traditional family birthday photo....
and immediately sang "Happy Birthday!" I love the look on her face!
Then it was time to make a wish and blow out the candles!
This is one of my favorite photos of the day! The expression is just pure bliss as she sits there enjoying her birthday cake! It says to me that I did a good job. I accomplished my mission and made her birthday special!
We finished up the party by just relaxing outside watching the kids hula hoop. YES! This picture is of my daughter doing FOUR hoops at one time!!! We have it on video but the video will not upload. If we ever get it to, I'll be sure to share it with you.
I know this post was long and if you are still here, thank you! As I've said before, this blog is about MY life and as minimal or as big as each event or happening is, I share what I am inspired to share. Thanks for stopping by and letting me share one of my favorite days of this year!
Come back soon! Next up is one of my favorite recipes that I made for the party!
Have Fun!
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Sandy said...

Cindi, You did such a great job with your pics and showing how nice the party was, everyone had a nice time visiting and relaxing. I am going to show Maria now and Steph is coming soon will see the blog. Going to work on her to get her blog up dated!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I ABSOLUTELY love the hula hoop picture. It's a great action shot!!!



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