Monday, December 29, 2008

A Little Christmas Token!

I know Christmas is over but I have a couple of ideas that I wanted to post on my blog. I promise that as of the 1st of January, you will not see any more Christmas posts until Christmas of 2009!
Anyway, I like to give the managers that work with me a little something for Christmas. I don't actually work for them but I still like to acknowledge them just the same. In the past I've done S'more baskets, hot chocolate with snowman mugs and last year, I did home done chocolate covered oreos in holiday tins.
This year I was looking for something very easy and very affordable since I had to make six of them. I searched blogs and found the cutest idea. It is a bird nest for their Christmas tree. I have had a bird nest in my tree for over 20 years so this idea was the perfect choice for me.
You'll need Spanish moss and little plastic eggs. I found them at Michael's craft store in the same isle. All you do is tear off a piece of the moss and form it into a birds nest. I just spun it in my hands in a circular motion with my thumbs making the indentation for the eggs. It comes together in a minute. Then I hot glued 3 eggs in the middle. I popped them into cellophane bags that I had on hand and added the explanation. I printed out "An Old Christmas Legend" on card stock and then tore the edges. Burning the edges would be really cute too but Allison was at home and I didn't think it would be a good example to set for her. I added a bow with ribbon that I also had on hand and VOILA! It was done! It was seriously so easy and everyone loved them!
Here is the legend:

An Old Christmas Legend

Long ago, great happiness and good fortune came to those who chose a Christmas tree with a bird’s nest in its branches.

Here is a little nest for your Christmas tree.
May the legend come true for you.

Have Fun!
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Darlene said...

I LOVE that! I am going to print out the legend to use as gifts with nests for next year. I will either make them like you did or keep my eyes open for cute nests through the year. Thanks for sharing!

Jill Scott said...

That is such a cool gift. I love the little nest for the Christmas tree.


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