Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A Santa Surprise!

As I've mentioned before, I am the head party parent for Allison's class this year. I was struggling with the game for the holiday party so her teacher gave me a suggestion. She suggested that I wrap a present and put candy canes for each child in the box and then put that present in another box and so on and so on. Then they would all stand in a circle and pass the box around to Christmas music and when the music stopped the student holding the box would unwrap the present. Then the student who opened the last box could pass out the candy canes.
I liked this idea!
Except...you know me! I had to put my own twist on it!
I decided to make little cellophane gift bags for each child. I included a holiday pencil, candy cane and one of the other Mothers made little bags of reindeer dust to put in it. The cellophane bags were red with Santas all over them. I ended up with 6 boxes all wrapped in Santa paper but the final box was huge and I couldn't figure out how I was going to carry it to the party with everything else I had to carry.
That's when the light bulb came on in my head!
I would deliver it a week before the party with a tag on it from Santa!
I made a huge tag and on it I typed out:
To: Room 7
Do not open until your Christmas party on Tuesday, December 23rd!
Love, Santa
The security guard delivered it for me and that night I received a note card from her teacher saying the look on their faces were priceless!
When I got to her room the day of the party, her teacher shared with me the excitement had been building and the kids were so excited about the package. She said they have been guessing all week!
I started the party with the present and told them that Santa had called me and told me what to do with the present. They were so adorable! They couldn't wait to get that thing opened!
Allison's teacher was so sweet and stopped the music the first time on her.
They freaked when there was another box! As you can see, they crowded the poor child who had the box!
Here is the final box with the gift bags. I included a note from Santa and it said:

Congratulations Boys and Girls!

This is the last box and inside you will find a little gift from me.

If you are the one that opened this last present, please be my little helper and pass one out to all of your classmates.

Enjoy your party and don’t forget to leave milk and cookies out for me!

Love, Santa (with his name signed in red marker)

See, I told you the kids were excited!
Then there was a visit (unplanned) from Santa immediately following the opening up of the present. Allison's teacher caught him in the hallway and explained to him what we just did. He played right into it and asked the kids if they got his early package!
The kids were captivated by him!
Have Fun!
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Jill Scott said...

THAT is such a cool idea. I love it. I also love the little happy faces you put over the faces of all of Allison's classmates. What a great memory for all the kids.

Anonymous said...

You are such an AWESOME homeroom Mom!! What a memorable party for the kids!!!!



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