Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A Booty Bench to a Pet Pedestal!

Welcome to all my new friends that are visting from Miss Mustard Seed!
I hope you enjoy this makeover. It's another one I did for my daughter's bright tween room. It goes along with the chair I shared last week. If you missed it, you can see it here.

A year ago I took Allison to my sister's house for her annual 5 day visit and spoilfest. She lives 2 counties away from us. I dropped Allison off and set out to do some antiquing and thrifting in a new territory. I stumbled upon this huge run down store that looked like it was going to be a score of a stop. I was walking in I saw this bench thing sitting outside. It was amongst a whole bunch of seat-like items. There was an older gentleman sitting on one of the items. I looked this bench over and asked "how much?" He shrugged his shoulders and said $5.00. I said "sold!" I had seen one previously in another store for sale for $20 so $5 made me happy. What a great deal! I couldn't wait to get inside the store. Well. Although the store had beautiful antiques and other items that were unwanted by their previous owners, I felt the store was WAY over priced! I'm no expert on pricing but I've been around enough to know about some antiques and they were asking way too much! It was crazy!

Anyway! I did manage to find a couple of small items, paid and went to collect my bench. As I walked outside I realized the bench was not originally for sale. It was a booty bench for all of the old friends of the store owner! While I was shopping in the store, I guess they had gotten off of work and started to gather outstide. I scooped up my bench, they had a little laugh at the Mom who bought "that old thing" and I went on my way!

I had planned on using it my entrance way to sit on while putting on shoes but then when I got it home, I didn't like that I idea. So it sat for a year until last weekend when I was redoing Allison's room. I was faced with the dilema of where to put the 10 gallon crabitat. Yes. Allison has hermit crabs...thanks Aunt Susan, Stephanie and Uncle Brian! The only flat surface big enough was her dresser. Well. That was not going to work for me! It didn't fit into the image I had in my head for her pretty new tween room! After stressing for a little bit about this, it hit me on Friday night! I would redo the bench and make it a pedestal for the crabitat!

Well. Whose laughing now?

A piece of foam rubber, some batting, a can of spray paint and a piece of fabric and TAH DAH!

We have ourselves a home for the crabs that is worthy of a tween room!

As you can see, the crabitat fits perfectly! I thought that it would slide but it doesn't at all. However, I am going to put some non-skid stuff on the bottom just in case.

Have Fun!
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tales from an oc cottage said...

LOVE the color!!!!

m ^..^

SandyDinNC said...

That turned out AWESOME!!! I LOVE IT!

Anonymous said...

Very nice work! Your vision to find the hidden potential in old things I wouldn't give a second glance never ceases to amaze me. Its a real crabtopia! Curtis

Darlene said...

That turned out GREAT!! We went through the crab stage too....thank goodness it is over!

Sarah said...

i am always changing my plans for where i think a new piece will go, too. and this revamped bench is the perfect home for hermit crabs :) nice job!

Anonymous said...

Sassy color! I love that you're using it for your "crabitat". :-)
pk @ Room Remix

Cindy said...

Great color combo! Unique and fun :o)

Miss Mustard Seed said...

Those colors are fun! I have three sad benches waiting for makeovers, so this is some good motivation. Thanks for posting to FFF!

Kammy said...

Sorry , I am so late - I just joined this morning and then I had to go to WORK - ugh !
Love those bright colors !


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