Thursday, August 27, 2009

Tears Times Two!

Yesterday was Allison's first day of 3rd Grade.
It's hard for me to believe!
I still remember the first time she kicked in my tummy.
How do we slow down time?!?
She woke up crying 40 minutes before her wake up time. She said she didn't want to go to school. She said she wanted to stay home with me forever. I was afraid of that. Since quitting my job in June, her and I have spent almost every moment together this summer. So. I crawled into her bed with her and told her that I was excited for her to be starting third grade. I told that she had to go to school so I can hear all about it. I wanted to know who she sat beside in class, what her teacher was like, what they did, who she ate lunch with, etc. Her reply through tears was "even how many times I went to the bathroom?" LOL! She always makes me laugh!

Well, I took her to school and had to go in to the office for something so I walked her in. After I was done at the office, she asked me to walk to her classroom with her. A little first day jitters maybe? I grabbed a badge and walked her down and as soon as she saw her name on the wall outside her classroom she was fine.


I wasn't!

As I was pulling out of parking lot I started to cry...uncontrollably...and couldn't stop!
I shouldn't have cried...this is her fourth year after all!
I guess in the past years her going back to school meant that I didn't have to drive 3 hours a day anymore (because my Mom watched her in another county) and I was back to 2 hours.
Also when I dropped her off, I was on my way to work most of those days so my mind moved on to what I had to do when I got there.

This year when I dropped her off, I felt lost without her.

I guess she wasn't the only one with separation anxiety!

One a good note, when I picked her up at the bus stop, she told me that she wanted to hide in the school so she could stay longer because "It was SO much fun!"

Thank Goodness!

Have Fun!

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That Girl said...

aww my baby started 3rd grade this week too. It is bittersweet isnt it?

Darlene said...

Awwwww it is GREAT that her "scary" morning of going back to school turned into a GREAT day!! It is hard when "we" think we have it all together and then lose it, thinking of our "babies" getting so big.

Poesy's Pretty's said...

My baby girl started 3rd grade yesterday. I didn't have an issue with 1st or 2nd grade but man was kindergarten and 3rd grade a killer! Wonder what it is about 3rd grade? Avalon loved her first day too. I am glad your daughter had a great day. Cyber hug to you momma!


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