Friday, August 14, 2009

A Sinful Slice of Heaven!

Who knew that if you took a slice of frozen cheesecake, put a stick in it and dunked it in chocolate that it would be so yummy?

I didn't. That's for sure!

Allison and I went to Horse Trading Days (no, we didn't trade a horse) in Zelienople back in July. It was a hot, hot day. We needed a cold treat and ice cream would have melted in a second. So. We opted to try the frozen cheesecake on a stick. OH! MY! You have to try it! It was cold, smooth, creamy and chocolaty. We declined the nuts but you could have your slice take a swim in them if you like. We bought it from one of those concession trailers. You know the ones. They have the best "fair food" ever!

Speaking of fair food, my friend, Nancy, tells me that a new restaurant opened up where she lives (and I used to) that sells fair food ALL THE TIME! What a fun idea! Can you imagine being able to get a funnel cake or those yummy greasy fair fries anytime you wanted? I am so glad it's an hour away or I might be in trouble!

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Sandy M said...

Wow that looks and sounds good, have to go to fair or craft show to try, Allison looks so cute. Can't wait to see the rest of her room.


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