Saturday, August 29, 2009

I'm Gettin' Cozy with Cozi!

Yesterday I "googled" something I wanted info on. As always 175,203 results came back on 0.21 seconds. :) Obviously I didn't sit here and read all 175,203 much as I was tempted...NOT!

Anyway. I did find some of the info on a new (to me) site. The site I found was Cozi. Have you ever been there? Well I hadn't, so I decided to look around. It's a total family website with an online magazine called Live Simply with a bunch of ideas, articles on back to school and nutrition along with a ton of organizing suggestions on how to make your life simpler. They also have a Cozi I need another blog to follow! Oh! Did I mention the best part? They have an Online Family Organizer! Yup! It has a family calendar, shopping lists, to do lists, a family journal and so much more!

Below is what I've been using for a couple of years. It's one of those old paper and pen planner/organizers. You know...they are the ones everyone used before technology took over. Well I still use it and I love it. I'll probably always use it because it's customized to me and my life. However. It let me down this past week or maybe it was my memory but I'm blaming it on my planner! I "thought" Allison had a Dr.'s appointment on Tuesday. I opened up my planner on Monday at 10:57 am to see what time we had to be there tomorrow, I found out her appointment was actually in 3 MINUTES! Ooops! I messed up the days! No! IT messed up the days! ;)
So when I came across the family calendar on Cozi, I said to myself..."GREAT idea!" By the way, don't worry about me. I may talk to myself but I don't answer myself so I'm okay, right?

Oh! One more thing...Cozi's Online Family Organizer is FREE! Yes! I fell in love even more!

I set it up for us and below is a "view" of our online organizer. I know I won't use their family journal (because I have my blogs that I have trouble keeping up with so I'm not dumb enough to start something else) but I did put a pic there so I can see my sweet baby's face. There's my shopping list on the bottom right. I may or may not use this as I have a list on the refrigerator that works for me. The thing I LOVE best is the calendar. Each dot of color next to the item is a different family member. Green is the whole family, blue is Curtis, I'm purple and Allison is pink (of course).

I took the time yesterday and entered all of our appointments and schedules. Allison's is entered all the way to the last day of school! The season premiere of a couple of my shows have been entered too. I also like that if you want it to, it will remind you when you have something coming up.

I think this calendar will really work for us! Every family member can access it...which is awesome since I am the only one that looks at my planner. I also uploaded "Google Desktop" which it's linked to so I can have it to the right of my monitor with just a click of my mouse. You can see that below. Google desktop has a ton of other gadgets you can add too. I picked the weather so I'll know how to dress Allison for school and the notepad for obvious reasons.

You should go check it out!

Have Fun!

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