Friday, August 28, 2009

Bye Bye Summer!

Other than Allison going back to school, I think our summer is finally coming to an end. Our weather turned from a hot summer day two days ago to an on and off again rainy day today. The picture below is the view from my living room window a couple of hours ago. I heard the wind starting to blow the leaves on the trees just before the rain started. I went to close the windows and it looked so pretty and green out there. I wanted to capture it in a picture since I'm sure the leaves will be turning soon. I'll take pictures of them when they do as Pennsylvania has a beautiful fall season. By the way, sorry about the grid on the picture. I snapped it through the screen. :)
One more pic before I go. I walked outside yesterday and noticed what is probably our last rose of the year. It looked so perfect I had to run for my camera!

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