Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween to all my blogger friends out there! We had good weather on Trick or Treat night two days ago. They always have it on the actual day of Halloween but this year, just two weeks ago, they changed it to Thursday night. Thank Goodness! I prefer it NOT to be on the Halloween if it falls on a weekend night. There are just too many crazies out there drinking, partying and driving out there. We need to keep our little ones safe! Besides. It windy and rainy and supposed to be that way all day today.

This year Allison decided to be a Paleontologist. Yes. I know...only my kid! If you are sitting there wondering what a Paleontologist is, don't are not the only one! I actually considered typing out hand-outs explaining it because everyone who asked what she was going to be prior to Halloween replied "A what?" when I said Paleontologist. Basically it's a scientist who studies the history of the earth specifically dinosaurs. Now doesn't that make sense as to why my daughter picked it? Anyway, one of our neighbors immediately knew she was. I was impressed. Most people thought Dr. or Nurse and she quickly corrected them by saying "No, (in a roll of the eye kind of voice), I'm a paleontologist." Most said "A What?", some said "Oh, like Ross on Friends?" and one lady SCREAMED..."I LOVE IT! That's so cute!" So overall, I say it was a success...especially for me. It was a super easy costume for me as you can see in the picture. Thank goodness! I didn't spend my usual 5-8 hours creating a costume that only gets worn a couple of hours. I had a lot going on this week and I didn't need to add making a costume to it. I'll take that as a little blessing from above.
Here she is with our little neighbor boys...a Jedi from Star Wars, Indiana Jones and a little pumpkin. Do you think the 3 year old is a little smitten with Allison?
This is a house around the corner from us. The two guys that live there go all out for Halloween every year. It's my favorite stop! They graciously allowed me to take pics to share with all of you.
They have a graveyard out front with a fog machine going. You can see the fog when you are driving down the road. It's just amazing!
The "friendly" doorman?
Huge spiderweb with spiders all over the house. Look at the shutters here. They are made of wood and they put them up every year!
The gate to the cemetery. A little blurry but you can still see it.
Once we got home, Allison started throwing her glo-bracelet onto the dinosaurs' necks and said "Hey Mom, look the paleontologist's version of ring toss!"
This kid cracks me up! She's a keeper!
Oh look who we have here! It's my best friend, Susan, getting in the Halloween spirit! These pics were taken up at her campsite's Halloween festivities and borrowed from her camping friend, Stacy's, facebook photos. Okay, okay. I didn't actually borrow them because that would require asking. I just plain out thieved them. Is that even a word? Oh well, I wonder just how much of that bottle is in Susan's belly?
I'm almost afraid to admit that she's my BFF by this next photo...she's almost too comfortable working the costume!
Have Fun and Be Safe!

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Anonymous said...

You didn't get Stacy's permission, nor did you get MY PERMISSION!!! None of that bottle of Yukon was in my belly, I was sober!! I had lots of fun!! Happy Halloween, everyone!!!


Sandy said...

Love the pics Allison looks so darn cute and the other kids are cute the little one in the stroler is adoreable. Now DID you have to put my hillbilly daughter on there? Of course she did it so she deserved it!!!!!!! Those are pretty scarey but funny.


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