Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Which Color Do I Pick?

Did you ever go to the paint store and come home with a ton of paint cards?

Which color DO you choose?

Seriously, how are you supposed to make an educated decision for a whole room from a swatch that is 2" x 2"???

Well, here is your answer!

Sample paint pots!

They are about 7 or so ounces of any paint color you choose. They are a few dollars but can save you some cash, time and a whole lot of frustration in the long run. They did for me!

I picked out this color for my kitchen. It's Laura Ashley for Valspar Apple 5. Let me tell you. I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED it on the swatch in the store. I could have just stood in Lowe's and licked that color right off of the card. I LOVED it that much!

Even though I loved it that much, I bought the sample pot and brought it home. I thought I would need it to ease Curtis into such a change in the kitchen.


After painting four patches of it around my kitchen, I decided I HATED it! I know...hate is a strong word but I typed "strongly disliked" and that just doesn't quite describe how I really feel about that color in my kitchen. It turned out way to yellow for me!

See for yourself!


So as you see, sample paint pots Work-for-Me!

Stop over at Kristen's of We are THAT Family for her Works-For-Me-Wednesday blog party to see what works for other bloggers!

Have Fun!

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Darlene said...

My mom used the sample paint pots when they were painting in their home and it worked out GREAT! Much cheaper than buying the BIG cans of paint and finding out you hate it!

Brandi said...

Great tip-- I will definately use this idea when we start some of our painting projects!!!

Jenny said...

Great idea!

~ RM said...

THose little paint samples have saved me a lot of headaches- although I still paint and repaint on a whim... My kitchen has gone from white, barn red, sage green and now is a 'mud' color. I love it now, it really sets off my antique white cabinets. I might not change it for another year or two! :P


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