Friday, March 26, 2010

I'm Lovin' Family Fun Magazine and Website!

One of my favorite magazines of all time is Family Fun.

I LOVE this magazine!

If you have kids and don't subscribe to this magazine, then you are missing out on some easy Family Fun!

Heck, even if you don't have kids but know one, you need to get this magazine!

This is the April 2010 issue. I just received mine in the mail the other day so it should be on the magazine racks now.

Family Fun Magazine is put out by Disney but it's not filled with Disney stuff. Yes, of course there are ads for Disney. However, as I quickly flip through it, I see an ad for the Disney Channel, the Disney Cruise line and one where Verizon has Disney characters in their ad. To be honest here, I don't even notice the ads since there are SO MANY AWESOME IDEAS to do with or for your kids!

I'm not quite through this issue but let me share with you some things that caught my attention:
  • Constellation Collaboration - an instant fun idea to foster you kids' imagination and create constellations from star stickers.
  • Keep It Under Your Cap - recycle bottle caps into fun magnets for your fridge.
  • Their readers always have great tips too. One I really like this month is "Pay the Maid." It's a cute clever way to help your child put their toys away. . . and you're the maid!
  • "Green" crafts - this is so up my Allison's alley!
  • Kitchen Concoctions - one of the ideas is how to make a lava lamp. Fun!
  • Secrets of Organized Homes - can't wait to read this one!
  • Kid recipes for making brunch - doesn't gingerbread waffles sound yummy?
  • Fun for Little Ones - these are ideas for kids 5 and under.
If you have been following my blog recently, you know that I'm a ripper and rip things out of magazines and store them in my binder system. Well. I DO NOT rip anything out of these magazines. Nope! There are just too many ideas . . . I would be creating another magazine!

I store the whole magazine in magazine holders grouped by issue. . . all the January issues are together, the February issues are together and so on and so forth. So for example, if I want ideas for Easter, I grab all of the issues that have Easter ideas in them (probably March - April) and go through them quickly. I always find an idea or two or three that may not have been age appropriate when she was 2 but we can now do when she is 8.

Oh, they also have a website and you can find it by clicking here. It's filled with a ton of information too! Are you having a Princess party for your little girl? You can find how to make a cake in the shape of a castle there. How about a Halloween costumes? It's where I found the idea and instructions on how to make Allison's mouse costume when she was little. If you go over there now, you'll find some fun ideas for April Fool's Day to fool your family.

How about a piece of Chicken Not-Pie?
(Photo Credit: Family Fun)

It's actually pudding, candies and a banana!
Fun! Fun! Fun!

Okay! Don't you want this magazine NOW?

Besides picking it up at the magazine rack for a few dollars, why not go ahead and get a subscription. You will NOT regret it. I promise you that!

It's $10 for a year's subscription on their website BUT if you go to and order it there, it is $9.95. HOWEVER, if you order it before April 17, 2010 and use the code, SpringMags, you will pay $4.95 for the whole year! Yippee!!! BUT WAIT, if you want an even better deal and you are a UPROMISE member, you can order it through their website by clicking through to and use the code, UPMAG5off, and you will still pay $4.95 but you will get 30% back on your child's college fund. So with $1.49 going into the college fund, it actually will cost you $3.46 for the whole year! Now that's a bargain!

I hope I have you lovin' Family Fun Magazine and website!

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Darlene said...

I used to get that magazine but it started seeming like things were for children younger than Lexi so I don't get it anymore. It definitely is a wonderful magazine full of great ideas.

TidyMom said...

I'll have to check that out!...the pie looks SO fun too!!

Thanks for linking up on I'm Lovin' It!! Have a GREAT weekend!


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