Sunday, March 28, 2010

Three Lovely Ladies!

Since we had some snow on Friday, there hasn't been any yard sales yet this year for us. I've been stopping by the Goodwill a couple of times a week but nothing there seems to be jumping in my cart.

I think I've just gotten more selective in my older age. If I don't have a use for it or if I don't have a specific place for it, then it's not coming home with me!

I've also been planning my own yard sale and trying to declutter this house so that is probably another reason why nothing has appealed to me lately either.

I did pick these 3 lovely plaques up late last fall for $0.99 each at the Goodwill! Yes! I said LOVELY! Just wait, the next time you see these ladies, they will have a fresh look and be gorgeous! I had in my mind where I could use two but I thought I would go ahead and take the third one home with me for that price. I'm planning on using these ladies in my living room when I finally redo it. I can see them painted black, can't you?

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1 comment:

Sherri @ Design2Shine said...

Awesome find! Can totally see them dressed in black. I love me some Goodwill. It's my FAVORITE place to shop. No kidding! LOL


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