Saturday, July 22, 2006

10 Random Thoughts for Saturday!

1. Why does it have to rain on a Saturday? It's been nice all week and I thought I would be able to get the pool out for Allison today but that's not going to happen.

2. Why do the credit card companies insist on sending me offers in the mail? I've thrown out 7 this week already and today's mail hasn't even come yet. Don't they know I am not interested! I should just rip my name off and send everything back to them in their postage paid envelope!

3. Why is my daughter so odd? Her favorite movie right now is "Clash of the Titans" from 1981. Curtis was channel surfing one day and went past it and Allison yelled "STOP" and insisted on watching it. I don't like those kind of movies...she must have gotten that gene from her father!

4. After I'm done updating my blog, I'm going to start my laundry. I finally got all caught up with all of it and I don't want to get behind again. I may even set the ironing board up and get caught up on that too!

5. I'm excited that I am going to see the Dixie Chicks tonight at the Mellon Arena in Pittsburgh. NO, I don't think how they have behaved is right but they do produce some great music and I haven't seen them yet. Anyway, the tickets were free because the Pittsbugh Penguins want my company to do some marketing with them. So, not to worry because if a riot breaks out, I'll be safe in the Penguins box!

6. If you have a Bed, Bath & Beyond near you, click on the link and sign up to be on the mailing list. They send out 20% off coupons all the time and it's their policy to take all their coupons...even if it's expired. The one that I go to also takes more than one at a time too! It's a happy thing!

7. The online Mother's Group that I belong to has been posting pictures of their homes. Mine is nothing great but I am going to do that tomorrow so I'll share some here too. I had planned on doing it today but with it raining outside, it looks too dark in here to take pictures. I like the natural sunlight.

8. I just got a copy of Allison's school supply list for kindergarten and I need to get that completed. I have already purchased some items that I thought she would need and I didn't do bad. We got her the backpack and lunchbox for her birthday from the Disney Store online. The lunch box clips onto the backpack so she will only have one thing to carry. I also didn't get her name on it for safety reasons. I didn't want a stranger to call her by name and catch her offguard.

9. What's for dinner at your house tonight? My friend and I are going to catch a quick bite to eat before the concert. Curtis is taking Allison to a co-worker's daughter's birthday party at CiCi's Pizza so I don't have to cook for them either...woooo hoooo! Speaking of dinner, how do you do it at your house? Do you plan your dinners by the week, the month, or do you look around and see what you have on hand to make for dinner that night? One of my goals for this month is to plan out our meals by the month...I think. Maybe it'll end up being bi-weekly. I've been writing down all of the dinners that I make and I have been seperating them into categories. Curtis will be home before me 3 days a week and I need to either use the crockpot or have something prepared in advance so he can just pop it into the oven on those days. I would love to hear how you do it!

10. Tommorow I need to spend a good portion of the day taking pictures and listing things on Craig's List and ebay. I need to have most of that stuff stacked in the basement gone by the end of Septemeber. I had Curtis put it all in front of my holiday closet so it'll give me incentive to have it gone in time to decorate for Halloween! Pin It

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