Wednesday, July 19, 2006

A Party fit for a Cowgirl!

Allison's 5th birthday and party were on Sunday, July 16th. We had a Western party. It was very hot and humid but we had a nice breeze going through the backyard so it wasn't so bad. I love theme parties and I had fun preparing for this one! Great job Allison for picking horses and cowgirl/boys! I think it was the best one yet if I do say so myself. I used light blue gingham material for the tablecloths ($1.00 a yard at Wal-Mart!), red and darker blue bandanas and red and blue balloons. I always serve a meal and we had sloppy joes, hash brown casserole, calico baked beans, cole slaw and pasta salad, cans of soda (Curtis put the cooler in her old fashioned red radio flyer wagon and it looked so cute!) and gintea punch. By the way, gintea doesn't have any alcohol in it, the "gin" part of the name is for gingerale.

I've probably shared too many pictures here but I couldn't resist. You should be able to click on any of the images to enlarge them. Thanks Stephanie for taking all the pics for me! I love you and appreciate all of your help!

Well, here is my cowgirl on our version of a horse. The kid's loved it! Heck, the adult women loved it! They were riding on it at the end of the party too! Those pictures are on my film camera. Maybe I'll share those on a later post...unless of course, I am paid NOT to do so. Hear that ladies! The kids played on the horse as if it was a ride at a playground. The saddle was my sister's and mine when were were little so it's over 30 years old.

We really only played one game with the kid's besides the pinata and all the kid's won a prize. I put 3 plastic cups on the railing and they used their 6 shooter water pistols to try knock them over. The guns weren't powerful enough so one of the other Moms, Nancy, "helped" them along. You can see her in the second picture! LOL...Allison told my sister later that day that "Mitchell's Mommy was helping the cups fall over." LOL....they don't miss a trick, do they? Oh, and that's me in the picture with my head cut off! Did you notice I have red bandana shoes on? I made my shirt to got with them. I used a red bandana and my Sizzix machine to cut the 5 (cause she's 5 years old) stars out and ironed them on using a fabric adhesive.

Our stallion pinata! We had to modify the pinata with a kit they sell so the kids could pull ribbons to try break it open. Allison didn't want to hit the poor animal!

All of our little guests. Going from left to right...Derek, 3 (my brother's son), Mitchell, 5 in 3 weeks (my friend's, Nancy's son), Mya, 5 in 4 days (sister to Derek, so she is my brother's daughter), Abby, 8 (my brother's girlfriend's daughter), Maria, 8 (dark hair in back is my God daughter) and Miss Emily, 10 (Mitchell's sister so she is Nancy's daughter).

Allison opening presents. Grandma Sandy (Mom to my best friend, Susan) got her these cool vintage cowgirl pattern p.j.'s....SO adorable!

Our annual family birthday picture. Can you see the tatoo on Allison's arm? She is obsessed with these things right now! She wanted this dolphin on her arm where Uncle Brian has his eagle on his! Lord help me if this is a peek into our future!

I'm really not sure what Maria and Allison are doing here but you can see the gift bags that all the kid's received. In them were a straw cowgirl/boy hat with red or blue trim, a red or blue bandana, a red, white and blue star lollipop, a snake pen, a star notepad, 3 plastic play horses, a horses coloring book, a box of crayons, a couple of toy water pistols and a star decorated cellophane bag with mini Reese cups and Hershey kisses in them. The bags were really cute. I used brown craft bags from a craft store and had my sister, Alesia, write their names on them ("Cowgirl Maria"), stamp some brown horses on them and tie raffia to the handles.

I'm probably going to get shot for showing you this next picture but I HAD to post this. It's not because I want to make fun of Curtis but that this reminds me of that commercial on tv where the Dad is seen through the window by a neighbor dancing silly to some pop music. Click here and hopefully you'll see the one I'm talking about. Anyway, there isn't anything Curtis wouldn't do to make his little girl smile...including looking silly on a pretend horse and letting us take pictures of him!

One last thing before I go...I have a Mom tip to help serving cake and ice cream easier. I took the tub of ice cream in the morning and scooped out the ice cream into big balls and put them into cup cake papers, put them on a tray and put them back into the freezer. It was so nice when it came time to serve the dessert, all we had to do was grab a prescooped ice cream cup and it was done. This was a BIG hit at the party with all the Moms.

Gotta run!

Have Fun!

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