Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Just checking in!

Well, we ended up getting half the basement done and will be finishing the other half this week. We threw out tons! I cleaned out a closet that I hadn't been in for a few years...that felt great! I added some shelves to the area at the bottom of the stairs for party supplies and overflow from the kitchen. It's a small space but I got a lot in there! I also found a lot that I'm going to ebay and some of the bigger items that I don't want to ship for craig's list. I already have someone coming to get the changing table...yippee! Thanks to my friend, Carol, for turning me onto craig's list! I am working on the living room now. I started yesterday afternoon and cleared out about 20 or more movies of Allison's that she has outgrown, some cds of mine that I will never listen to again and I went through the drawer of warranties and manuals. You really should do this yourself. There were manuals in there for things we don't own anymore. I moved them to a 3-ring binger with sheet protectors.

I gotta run and get working! It feels wonderful to declutter and organize!

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