Saturday, July 08, 2006


Today is the first official day of my vacation! Yippee!!! I have 9 days off from my paying job! However, I have a plan! In the next nine days, I plan to SIMPLIFY our lives by DECLUTTERING this house so we can RELAX in our home! Where does all this stuff come from? This place seemed so big when we moved in but now it is wall to wall stuff! I think there are little fairies that enter while we are sleeping and dump stuff everywhere! Okay, okay, truth be told, I am a packrat! There! I've said it! Are you happy? I have a hard time getting rid of things. My Mom once called me her sentimental Cindi and boy is she right! I love things that have a history to them and tells a story, things that have been owned by loved ones, things that can instantly take me to a special memory or things that will help Allison have wonderful memories of her life. I know most of them are just "things" but they make me happy. I guess that's why I scrapbook...because I'm sentimental and it's my job to pass our legacy onto my daughter and my future generations.

Here are a few of those things around my home that are special to me:

This was my Ba Ba's (grandma) lamp that she had in her bedroom when I was a child. She passed away in 1978 and years later, I inherited it without a shade. It has been in my daughter's room since we brought her home from the hospital. Allison's middle name is Victoria which was my Ba Ba's first name.
The are pictures of Curtis and I when we where little. My friend, Nancy, and I were looking through some old pictures I had when we came across the one of me in the raspberry patch picking raspberries. She insisted that I do something with it. I ended up having one framed for my Mom as well for Mother's Day one year. A couple of years later when Curtis brought some pictures home from his Mom's, I saw this one of him and knew it would be perfect along side mine. It's fun to look at now and see who Allison resembles more. I think it's me!
I recently inherited this donkey planter. It was my Ba Ba's and I remember as a little girl, it was sitting on a shelf by her kitchen window with a plant in it.
This rooster was my Aunt Carole's. She passed away about 2 1/2 years ago. We were very close and I miss her terribly. She loved roosters. My Ba Ba loved roosters. My Mom loves roosters. Curtis' Mom loves roosters. I never got the whole rooster thing but my Aunt Carole always said that every kitchen should have at least one rooster. I hunted and she hunted and we could never find just the right rooster for my kitchen. After she passed away, my Aunt Lee gave me this ceramic rooster basket tureen. My Aunt Carole had made it in ceramics in the late 70's and it is the perfect rooster for my kitchen. He sits safely in the corner above my sink. I love my rooster and now I get the whole rooster thing!

Okay, that enough of my rambling on! Curtis and I are going to clean and organize the basement! Wooo Hoooo! This is the first step in my decluttering of this house!

Have Fun!

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