Friday, July 14, 2006

I'm still here!

I'm still cleaning and decluttering but I decided to take a minute for a Jack and coke. Okay, okay, I'm not really drinking a Jack and coke at 9:18 in the morning! I probably could use one but I'll just settle for some of God's gin. That's water for all of you who still think I'm hitting the bottle. I learned that term when I was waitressing at 17. There was the sweetest little old man that would come in and sit at the counter and order God's gin. We didn't serve liquor and I know the first time he ordered it, I had a look on my face. He giggled and told me what it was. Hmmm, how is it that I can remember that memory from 24 years ago but I can't remember what my password is for my online banking????? I hate that you have to change it every so many days and are not allowed to use the same one twice!

On another note, Allison's birthday and party is on Sunday. I mentioned it before but we are getting more excited as it gets closer. I broke down and ordered a cake with stallions on it. I couldn't find a horse cake locally so I was going to make my own. After realizing that I may be taking on too much, I stoped at Kretchmar's (YUM!) in Beaver, Pennsylvania and ordered one. It's not exactly what I wanted (because I'm too much of a perfectionist)but Allison will love it. My sister is picking it up on her way to my house Saturday morning. Thankfully, my sister, Alesia comes every Saturday morning prior to Allison's party to hang out with her. It frees me up so I can get all my prep work done. All I can say is THANK YOU AUNT LISA!!!!

Gotta run!

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