Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The Master Suite!

He he he! I would hardly call it a suite but here it is! I promised pictures of my home and these are the first ones I'm sharing. First let me say that I hate the color. Every room in our house has color on the walls that I picked out. Curtis wanted to pick the color of our bedroom and this is what he picked. I call it boring beige! I am planning on changing the decor in the room by next Spring and I think I may paint an accent wall to spice it up a bit. Maybe a dark green or maybe a vibrant red!

The items on the top of my mirror belonged to my Aunt Carole. I'm not real wild about them being there but they are some of the things she cherished and for right now, I like seeing them out.

Since our place is small we have to multi-use rooms and our bedroom also doubles as my scrapping area. The table is 4 feet wide and it doesn't give me much room but I am glad that I, at least, have a space to work. I'll share more detailed pics of my scrapbook station at a later date. I want to reorganize it better. Half of my closet is storage for my supplies as well and I would like to get them out of there least some of them.

Do you see the 2 white dots on the television? Does your digital ever do that? Do you know what it is? I tried cleaning the lense but it still happens!

On another note, I love quotes and sayings so I want to start ending my posts each time with one of my favorites.

"If you change nothing, nothing will ever change."

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