Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A Big Year with a Vintage Dress!

Sunday was Allison's first day of 2nd Grade Catechism. This is a big year for her. She will receive two sacraments. The Sacrament of Penance in December and her First Holy Communion in May of 2009. She is so excited and I could not be prouder. She loves church and everything she learns there. This past Sunday she asked if she could go to church every day like she did school. Too sweet!

This picture if of me in my First Holy Communion dress. Don't I look cute? My Mom still has this dressed packed away. I am sure it's not as white as it is in the picture. After all, it IS 36 years old! Speaking of the dress, I have a question for all of you out in blogland. How do we get it white again?!? I know you've already guessed that I want Allison to wear my dress. Big surprise since I am the sentimental one! So! Any ideas? Are there vintage wedding dress cleaners out there? Do you have a home remedy or and ancient Chinese secret? Please send any ideas my way! I have about 7 months to try things before I give up and buy a new one...and I don't want to buy a new one.

Thanks everyone!

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Cindy said...

Can't help you much with your problem, but your photo sure brings back memories! You might want to check out the dry cleaners. I sure hope that your daughter can wear your beautiful dress. Good Luck!

Kim said...

That picture is awewome. No clue on the dress. Did you try "googling" it? Everything else is on the internet.....

Okay, I can't get the "ancient chinese secret" comment out of my head? There used to be a commercial that said that. It's driving me nuts what the commercial was? Any ideas? Boy, I am really showing my age!


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