Monday, September 29, 2008

Menu Plan Monday ~ Sept. 29th!

It's the beginning of another week so it's time for Menu Plan Monday. After checking at what we'll be having for dinner this week, click on over to The Organized Junkie and see what hundreds of others are serving to their families this week too.
Since the weather is starting to cool down here and the leaves are starting to fall, it's time for some warm comfort food. Curtis requested Chicken Pot Pie a week or so ago so I thought it was time for it to appear on our menu. Also, the new recipe for Crock Pot Swiss Steak that I tried last week came out so yummy. If you want the recipe, you can check it out on my cooking blog.
Monday ~ Mom works late so it's up to Daddy to decide and make dinner for him and Allison.
Tuesday ~ Italian Smoked Sausage Pasta (I'll share this recipe on my cooking blog sometime this week.)
Wednesday - Tuna Noodle Casserole. This was on last week's menu but I had no plans of making it. It was there to cover for the surprise family get together we had at Curtis' brother's house for Curtis' birthday.
Thursday - Chicken Pot Pie.
Friday - Pizza Night.
Saturday - Dinner at Grandma's
Sunday - We are going to Oil City for a train ride with the Brownies so we'll probably be picking up take out somewhere on the way home for dinner.
Have Fun!
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