Thursday, September 11, 2008

An Unexpected House Guest!

We have an unexpected house guest at our home.

She comes with her own food, toys and medical supplies.

She also comes with her own leash.
And a list of instructions. No. Let me correct myself. TWO lists of instructions.
Simba watches her from around the corner.
Princess makes herself comfortable in her home away from home.
We have had to protect the cat's food and water dishes.
This is her.

Yes. Ginger, my sister's dog, is visiting us by herself from Tuesday night to Saturday morning. She has a wound from another dog...a playground accident. She also has a respiratory thing and the vet wanted her not to go to doggy daycare. Aparantly there are more than one dog that has this respiratory thing and her kennel and two other kennels in the area are shutting down for a week so they can sanitize everything. It's going around. Unfortunately, my sister couldn't get the time off this week, so I volunteered. No, I wasn't drinking at the time! I might need one when Saturday comes but I wasn't at the time when I volunteered. You know I am only kidding. Right? I don't think anything could make me turn to booze. Now cheesecake? That's a whole other story!

Anyway. This is how I like her. Laying away from me.

This is how SHE likes it. Laying right beside me! Touching me! That is my leg in the picture. I swiveled around on the computer chair and she is right there! In fact, she is right there where ever I am! If I'm doing dishes, I can feel her fur on the back of my feet. If I need to use the potty, she's in the room before I can even shut the door! And when I took a shower, yup there was a dog snout peeking in to see if I was still there! Is there no privacy to a dog?

The first night she was with us, I panicked when I woke up soon after I went to bed and she wasn't on her bed on the floor next to me. I wondered what trouble she had gotten into. I called out her name and then I heard the tags on her to me....on the bed! She managed to jump up onto our bed! It's really high. I actually had trouble getting into it when we first got it and last time she couldn't get up. She must have been practicing because for the last two nights, she's jumped up and slept with Curtis and me!

Don't get me wrong. She's a nice dog. A very nice dog. She listens and is no trouble...well not that much. I wouldn't have agreed to doggy sit if she was trouble the last time she stayed overnight with us. We don't mind her. Heck, even the cats aren't bothered by her. They watch each other from afar and walk right past each other without any problems. They don't even sniff each other. It's just that I am more of a cat person. They are calmer, more graceful, can be left alone for long periods of time, don't need constant attention, you don't have to take them outside to do their business and they have DRY kisses!

Truth be told. I don't mind having her here. I'm glad to help out my sister. The only thing that bothers me is her wound. I have a tender stomach as it is and her boo boo just makes my stomach turn. This picture if of the first night after her accident. She had 14 stitches. I said had because of where it is, almost all of them have pulled out. Now it's an open wound. Yuk! Her vet claims it will grow new tissue and heal but it is GROSS! Thank goodness Curtis is handling the wound care. I know I couldn't no way no how do it. I'll spare you the picture of what it looks like now. I don't want anyone losing their meals.

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Anonymous said...

I see my baby is being well taken care of. Ginger's Mommy appreciates it.

Dalyn (AKA The Queen of Quite Alot) said...

That is a cute dog! I wouldn't maind babysitting her- as long as she doesn't eat chickens of course...*U*


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